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  1. thisisaustin9221

    polishing wheels

    Can any one point me to a guide on how to Polish wheels?
  2. thisisaustin9221

    Wheel Bolt Size

    putting new wheels on and i want different colored bolts does anyone know what size they are or where i can find some?
  3. thisisaustin9221

    ECS Bulbs I'm gonna use this as city lights can anyone confirm if they'll throw a code?
  4. thisisaustin9221

    DDM Tuning HID's I have a friend who has these in his car and they look great. I know this is what I need so far for fogs... Do I need the Error Eliminator, HID Harness, and Adapter Cables? If I get all that will that be everything I...
  5. thisisaustin9221

    Ebay Interior Light Kit it says this package will work for a 2010 gti. has anyone...
  6. thisisaustin9221

    Evo Enkei Wheels

    *shit sorry move to wheels section please one of my friends needs tires and hes gonna give me his 17" Evo 9 Enkei wheels and four tires with about 80 percent tread for free if I give him my 18" tires of my detroits which im def. down to do all i have to pay for is wheel adapters for the bolt...
  7. thisisaustin9221

    Legit Radar Detector? I don't have a few hundred beans to throw out on a real nice scanner but figured if I found a decent one for cheap it'd be a good investment would this...
  8. thisisaustin9221

    Painting Accent Strips

    what paint should i use to paint the red strips on the grill i plan on sanding them down and doing it right, just want to use the right paint so it won't end up chipping. prob. gonna clear coat them to also how to the pop off are the just clipped on there?
  9. thisisaustin9221

    MK6 Painted Lowers

    plan on doing this soon, I kinda wanna see it done on a CSG. but i figured I'd go ahead and make a thread for everyone to post there cars that have done it
  10. thisisaustin9221

    WTB: Illest license plate frame

    anyone know where I can get one at or wanna sell one
  11. thisisaustin9221

    Right Tire Size

    I want the tire to be a little stretched but I'm a little confused with how the concept of keeping the speedometer correct in relation to tire size say i take 225/40 r18 tire. which one is the number i have to keep the same to keep my speedo right? and which number changes to change the width...
  12. thisisaustin9221

    Modern Warfare 2: Prestige

    that would be a really cool thing to have lol i have to get a 360 first, i play this at all my friends houses and addicted. my dilemma is car parts > xbox
  13. thisisaustin9221

    Word Association Game

  14. thisisaustin9221

    Word Association Game

  15. thisisaustin9221

    3 Words ONLY

    because he farted
  16. thisisaustin9221

    Format67 Shortfilms

    don't know how many of you have seen these but i found them interesting, i saw one of his videos posted on golf v forums and thought I would share I linked a few of his cool ones, but they are all absolutely amazing make a snack, and watch all the videos on that guys channel...
  17. thisisaustin9221

    Wheel Spacers on Huffs

    alright bear with me I don't know much about wheels and suspension but I'm getting there. I searched and came up with nothing, has anyone put wheel spacers on their detroits? I can't afford new wheels or low yet, figured it'd be good to help with the stance temporarily. just trying figure out...
  18. thisisaustin9221

    Valentine 1 in Dash Cubby?

    anyone think this... will fit in this... or if it would even produce a good enough signal to be accurate
  19. thisisaustin9221

    Audi Style LED's anyone try anything like this on their gti?
  20. thisisaustin9221

    Lamin-X Photo Requests

    Planning on "lamin-xing" my tail lights, headlights, and fogs. Ill probably go with tint or gunsmoke I just wanna get an idea of what they look like so if you have lamin x post it and state the color you have