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    Sunroof leak, replace tube?

    Found a huge puddle of water on the driver's side floor the other day. Older threads suggested that it was the sunroof drain, so I tested it.... Opened the sunroof, poured some water in and a ton of water started gushing out at the base of the A pillar, into the fuse box....and finally onto...
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    Yet another water pump revision; BH

    for CBFA engines, the BG water pump was the latest revision for the past couple years. i figured VW was done with updating parts given this is 2 generations old now, but looks like all websites got updated with the BH revision. does anyone know what changed? there's nothing obvious from the...
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    had some weird electrical issues past couple days. the ECU and head unit repeatedly lost their settings and reset. however, the battery was always strong enough to crank and start the car. took it into advance today to get tested and the battery was faulty. luckily i had 3 months left on my...
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    PSA: RMS + PCV

    +1 i went OEM because a) my shop recommended it, and b) all of the back and forth i found online. i don't understand what it is about the iAbed, but of all my years owning the MK6 i've never seen any other product/upgrade have this kind of religious us vs them. i'm of the opinion that it's...
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    yea. the main objective was to replace the broken speaker, not put in sound deadening. but since the panel and speaker was off i had access to the metal panel so i figured i put some on while it's all open. it makes a tiny bit of difference, but not enough that i'd wanna put in the time to do...
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    i meant it in a good way, as in the door sounds heavier/deeper than the rest, because the deadening eliminated a lot of the vibration.
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    i bought some sound deadening for a hood and trunk project. however, one of my speakers decided to fail on me so while i had everything apart i put some sound deadening on. now one door thunks a little bit more than the rest....sigh.... also, rivets suck ass. make sure you use the correct...
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    apr coilpacks...

    i'm the 2nd owner of my car, and the previous owner must have timed it perfectly because the stock coils failed like...a month into my ownership. i didn't know anything about the car at the time, so i took it to a shop to get it repaired. easiest money they've ever made swapping out coils...
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    Engine Rough on Startup

    since u have a scanner, look up block 93. if it's more than 4 degrees you have an expensive repair bill incoming.
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    Sachs Performance Clutch Review

    A couple months ago my car started making hoot sounds on a cold car when going into 1st/R. This was a telltale sign of a failing TOB. Huge thread about it here. The car is my daily so I knew I had to get this dealt with sooner rather than later so I don't get randomly stranded. Since the...
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    Best price/quality for rear view camera?

    i installed a rear view camera recently. i was going to wire it up to the head unit until i my research led me to learn about all these new rear-view mirrors that triple up as a dash cam, mirror, and touch-screen display. i picked up a Pelsee P12 and i've been pleasantly impressed. there are...
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    Kenwood DMX809S & iDatalink Maestro Review

    i picked up an Eonon VWA12S the moment it was released. it seemed perfect. nice big screen, upgraded cpu/ram, and runs the latest Android. and it supports the Dynaudio speakers in my Autobahn. so why am i reviewing a Kenwood? well, the Eonon didn't even last 3 days. and in those 3 days, the...
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    Starter interlock vs clutch stop?

    clutch stop is easily one of my favorite mods. i've heard it also helps prolong the life of clutch components due to exherting less average force over time.
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    the fine print is a bit more restrictive compared to FCPs. still pretty awesome though, considering how much stuff ECS sells. i always thought that FCP could afford this because they only chose OE/OEM parts which are less likely to fail. they don't really have many cheaper options. however...
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    Help Needed with Stuttering and Loss of Power Issue (Code P0101)- Stage 2 Unitronic mk6

    fwiw, found an older thread here with a similar problem and solution: maybe you're lucky enough it's as simple as what happened to the prior person.
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    PSA: RMS + PCV

    i'm guessing you stumbled upon the same nasty threads on vwvortex that i did while i was researching an RMS when i had my clutch put in recently. i also went with the revised dual-lip OEM version instead of aftermarket. i was chatting with a mechanic once and he absolutely hated forums because...
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    The SouthBend clutch saga continues.

    it's still worthwhile if you intend on sticking with any of the brands they sell parts for (vw/audi/bmw/mb/volvo/porshce) on any future car.
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    Coolant light flashing??

    well, it's a MK6. water pumps are garbage. start saving for a replacement soon.
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    The SouthBend clutch saga continues.

    exactly that. before late last year, you would buy part A, it fails, you return and buy it again and they refund the cost back to your credit card. the new policy gives you a credit to use on future purchases. it's not a big deal if you buy a lot from them. but it's a downgrade for those...
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    Coolant light flashing??

    pop the hood and check your coolant.