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  1. cosmo10292

    Prototype mk6 gti/gli fog lights

    Hey guys! So I'm working with theretrofitsource to come up with an aftermarket fog light option and I'd like to gauge your interest! I'll be receiving the prototype fogs next week to ensure that they fit correctly as well as test light output and take some nice shots of them. The prototype in...
  2. cosmo10292

    Fs Rotiform IND

    19x8.5/10 et 35 squared. Rear barrels have rock chips as is 900 plus shipping and fees Repaired 1000 plus S&F I can also have them powder coated any color starting at 1300. Sent from my LG-H810 using Tapatalk
  3. cosmo10292

    Turbo boost "flutter"

    Owned my 2013 gti 2 years now, and been stage 2 Apr most of its life along with Apr dp, and stage 1&2 cai. It's always had a flutter and I wondered if its something normal. It's fluttered on stock, forge bov, and gfb dv+. Also tried different boost tap, and no boost tap at all for boost leaks...
  4. cosmo10292

    WESTFALIA Tow Hitch questions

    Looking at buying one of these hideaway hitches for my gti to trailer wheels to and from shows. The question I have is with the ball detached will the diffuser fit back on the rear bumper? I'm fine with popping it on and off to attach the ball, I just don't wanna cut a hole in my custom diffuser.
  5. cosmo10292

    Custom gloss black center bar grill GROUP BUY

    This is only for the gti bumper!!! My body guy and i will be making these bar grilles since there was a demand for them and dorbitz design discontinued it. The quality and fitment are amazing! They will come painted gloss black. Now for pricing. Once 15 people are interested youll have...
  6. cosmo10292

    Custom lower GTI bar grille interest/group buy

    So dorbitz stopped making these custom grilles a while back. I recently teamed up with my body shop friend and made one for my car. Saw a few people were interested so i want to know if anyone on here wants one. So these will come ready to install and painted gloss black. Right now pricing...
  7. cosmo10292

    Custom rear diffuser idea

    Ive only seen a few good looking diffusers for the gti and their either WAY to expensive or just dont look good enough. So. Ill be making my own and want some feedback since i may start making these for sale also. So i basically want to mold the inner lines that are there and duplicate...
  8. cosmo10292

    CAMBEGANG rear camber info

    Gonna be running a set of rotiform ind's with a 19x10 et35 rear. Ill be taking it in for alignment so id like to have a general - camber number to give the guy. Ill be running a 215/35 tire and want to sit fender on lip. Thanks in advance!
  9. cosmo10292

    WTB! gti fog light housings

    Looking for a set of fog housing's with no lense damage. Need them asap!!
  10. cosmo10292

    EuroCar Accents BUYER BEWARE

    Alright so for any of you following my build I had my halogens retrofitted with quad projectors and demon eyes, etc Everything that I'm going to show is exactly what happened no lies or bs. When this started David (owner of EuroCar Accents) was extremely friendly and seemed very knowledgeable...
  11. cosmo10292

    Audi rs5 wave brake kit

    So I recently stumbled upon the audi rs5 brake kit from ECS and I'm in LOVE! I know they are not a direct bolt on to a mk6 gti but I'd like to know why not? Is there a way to retrofit them on?
  12. cosmo10292

    Who knows about Viper alarm!?

    So a while back I had a car audio shop install a Viper 5901 2 way alarm. All the bells and whistles like remote start window break etc on my 2013 dsg gti. They installed the module with the spare key inside the ignition and everything worked fine. BUT the owner said I could not use the vw fob...
  13. cosmo10292

    VMR Presents: Cosmo's MKVI Candy White Boser GTI

    This past labor day weekend was one to remember. VMR was kind enough to have my car in their booth for SoCalEuro along with some other amazing cars! Highlight of the night is the photoshoot that VMR put together with photographer AJ Van De Water on the Coronado islands. As soon as we set the...
  14. cosmo10292

    park assist button 6 pin HELP!

    Just bought this push button and I have no clue what pos/neg is on this. I'm going to use this button as a on/off switch for my LEDs on my headlights and if any of you have a diagram or know which pin does what I'd GREATLY appreciate it. I don't even care about led on the button as long as the...
  15. cosmo10292

    newsouth boost gauge install help!

    Just got my boost guage in. Did not come with a vent pod but plan on installing it on my ac vent. Will this be possible with the stock ac vent? Currently at work so I can't check lol. Here's exactly what I got.
  16. cosmo10292

    MKVI BOSER?!?!?

    Current mod list (11/20/19) -Porsche exclusive Graphite Gray paint -Gloss Black painted roof -Boser hood extension -Front bumper shave -Front fenders widened 3.5 using oem front fenders -Rear quarters widened 3.5 using oem front fenders (you read that correctly) -Mirror caps painted gloss black...