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    WTB Track Wheels 17x9 or 18x9

    Looking for a set of light/strong wheels for track use. Must be 5x112 with a relatively high offset (et45+). I can do lower offset for 2 of the wheels since i have wider fenders up front but definitely need higher offset for the rear. Looking for enkeis, o.z., volks, advan, etc. Let me know what...
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    Redrilled Wheels for Track Use

    Does anyone have any experience or feedback on redrilled wheels for track use? i'm considering getting a 5x114 or 5x100 wheel redrilled to 5x112. I have wheel studs so I can't use wobble bolts, and we don't have many wide options for enkei/o.z./etc. Thoughts and opinions are fine but i'm...
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    CTS Catch Can

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    Lagunas/Watkins Glenn with Tires

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    Wheel Spacers

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    Help Identify Buildup Under Transmission

    It's not where the trans bolts up to the block, so I'm not thinking rear main. Is the trans itself leaking? I had an LSD installed 3 years ago and it hasn't been opened since. But something is definitely building up there as I see it on my skid plate as well.
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    Volk RE30

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    APR Low Pressure Fuel Pump

    APR LPFP upgrade for 2.0T FSI/TSI cars. 100% plug and play upgrade. No issues with it whatsoever. $500 shipped. Pump mounted under the car APR Controller
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    Wife's 2016 Jetta GLI SE

    2016 = mk7, right? guess they still have the same motor and everything as a mk6?
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    I'm giving away 20k !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

    i think more people would care if folks actually won
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    C7 ZO6

    the c7 is supposed to be a lot nicer on the inside. i've seen c6 interiors in person and it looks like a cavalier with navigation.
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    C7 ZO6

    i thought that was a software issue
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    C7 ZO6

    the c6 and c7 are the first ones i've liked ever. flip up headlights are super ugly. but i think the c7 is a step in the right direction...for another car company. it doesn't even look american anymore. but it definitely doesn't look bad. at least they got more standard projectors and got rid of...
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    Turbo Ford Ranger

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    MK7 VW Golf R vs. B8.5 Audi S4

    yeah but s3 is dsg only. fail.
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    17z Rear BBK Brackets