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  1. GeorgiaBII

    What's my 6MT 4D Autobahn worth?

    Manual transmission is a negative with these cars.
  2. GeorgiaBII

    New car to me issues...

    all the sensors run on a 5v reference voltage. If the reference voltage is too low or too high it'll cause wild readings on groups of sensors. Most common cause is a bad ground or rat chewed wire. Good luck!
  3. GeorgiaBII

    New car to me issues...

    I would check and clean all the major grounds. Sounds like you have a 5v ref issue and I've had good luck clearing those with checking grounds.
  4. GeorgiaBII

    Getting back into a MK6 GTI

    What GolNat said. Before you do anything else redo the timing chain completely. Then fix the wiring and other issues. Honestly I hate buying and pretty much won't buy a car that somebody has futzed with the wiring on. Too many kids think they can just hook up wires. Never ends well.
  5. GeorgiaBII

    Retracting Brake Caliper

    The rotation is how you get a parking brake.
  6. GeorgiaBII

    GTi tech help

    Yep it's a pain in the ass to diagnose. I didn't believe it was the problem at first. Ive got a brand new fuel module in my tool box that didn't fix it. Fuel filter didn't fix it. I finally replaced the low pressure pump and it's been over a year since I had the issue.
  7. GeorgiaBII

    GTi tech help

    Low pressure fuel pump. I had the exact problem and that was the fix.
  8. GeorgiaBII

    1.6 tdi Terrible fuel consumption

    how much fuel does 20 get you? It's hard to judge mileage without accurate figures of fuel used and miles gone.
  9. GeorgiaBII

    DSG gearbox, 2012 TDI, 7 speed automatic; problem with 1st gear engaging

    DSG oil is supposed to be changed at 40k. I would suggest a fluid change before going any farther.
  10. GeorgiaBII

    Trailering GTI

    enjoy the ditch.
  11. GeorgiaBII

    Trailering GTI

    That's going to be miserable towing that close to the weight rating. I hope you have trailer brakes. If you don't install them before trying this and get a good brake controller a prodigy 3 is my go to.
  12. GeorgiaBII

    Trailering GTI

    You need at least a 1/2 ton truck to tow a car safely. You can do it with a smaller truck but it won't be safe.
  13. GeorgiaBII

    Moving from NY to NC any advice?

    Just remember not to try and make your new home like your old one. There is a reason you moved. Also remember we don't drive in snow down here so don't be surprised when the state shuts down for a flurry.
  14. GeorgiaBII

    cam follower

    Probably on the lobe of the cam. If you had bumped the starter it would have gone right on.
  15. GeorgiaBII

    Uni Stage 2 Boost Peaking at 15-17 PSI?

    Another thing to note is that gauge isn't calibrated. So any reading is not accurate.
  16. GeorgiaBII

    Engine can't keep temperature

    Most common cause would be a stuck thermostat. At those cold temps it'll be partially closed most of the time. If it's stuck open it could result in low engine temps.
  17. GeorgiaBII

    3 car seats in the back of a MK7.5 (2018)

    Not possible. Part of being a parent is driving a vehicle you wouldn't before having kids. Sorry but that's the facts Jack.