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  1. Kiev

    Finally APR made it with its version 2.0!!!

    So after 3 years finally the best tuner (named for several people here) Apr reached what Unitronic accomplished during those years? Well... I have been reading all the post about the new version and what all the people is saying about it (2nd or 3rd upgrade?:lol:), on stage 2:w00t:. I remember...
  2. Kiev

    Neuspeed 18" Gun Metal RSe07 for FREE!!!!

    Sorry but they are GONE... Fonzii18 got them! No kidding. Please, TAKE THESE PIECES OF JUNK OUT OF MY SIGHT... This is the second time 2 are out of round and now a 3rd one is out of round also... :mad0259:GIVE ME A BREAK..!!!! PM if you are interested. I am located in Fort Worth, TX. If you...
  3. Kiev

    Clamp perforated air conditioner line.

    Check that any of the hoses clamps is not touching any of the air condition lines. At my 64,000 milles one of the points, used to pull out the hose clamps, of one hose clamp perforated one of the air condition lines that is located behind the IC. I believe this was not done with intention but...
  4. Kiev

    PedalBox Review.

    First, I do not represent this company neither I am receiving any money or gifts from them or from other company to write this review. After I just got this electronic device 2 days ago I am doing this review for all the people that does not like how the throttle response was design on this...
  5. Kiev

    01-Engine -- Status: Malfunction 0010

    My car has already reached 63,000 miles and I have not change anything but the upgrades since I bought it brand new and recently started getting surge and hesitation on heavy load about 2,500-3,500 rpm check with Vag-Com and I got this: Address 01: Engine (CCT) Labels...
  6. Kiev

    APR Stage 2 ----> UNITRONIC Stage 2

    Finally, after being in pain since Apr 2010 until May 2013 dealing with this piece of... named APR because no other chip tunings dealers on my area and time (I said that about APR from the first time my car was chipped and still I say the same thing). A new Unitronic dealer came near my house...
  7. Kiev

    Anyone on Dallas/Fort Worth area.

    Okay I have in my car APR stage II (you can see my mods on signature) and I DO NOT LIKE THIS TUNE AT ALL. Now, I am looking for somebody with Revo, Unitronic or Giac with almost same mods that is willing to have a meeting in order to check differences on each car. I want to determine if this...
  8. Kiev

    0005445 Throttle valve controller:malfunction

    My setup is Apr Stage II.2, APR carbonio stage II, APR full TBE. 2 days ago I took my car to install the APR FMIC It was working fine until today. It started surging and idle was erratic coming from work. Then check with VAG and throw these fault errors any idea? THANK YOU! ...
  9. Kiev


    Hello again. I am the same person wrote 1 year ago this review: and in the same proportion I was TOTALLY DISSAPOINTED about the APR tuning comparing with REVO at that time and after I expressed publicly that the new APR 1.2 version on my...