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  1. ClaytonBrown

    Sell OEM parts...?

    Wondering if I should bother to sell my OEM downpipe and exhaust. Currently I can store them, but my situation could change in a few months and I'd rather not have to rush sell them, or give them away. I also really dont know what to price them for. Did some googlin but didnt really find...
  2. ClaytonBrown

    Fender roll?

    Quick question: I'm lowered on HR Sport Springs, (1.2') and am running the factory Leguna's. Im looking at ordering some spacers: 10mm front and 15mm rear, and was hoping someone could tell me: Will I need to roll the front fenders? I have searched around quite a bit but have not been able...
  3. ClaytonBrown

    Name that part

    Want to replace a part but cant find it online as I dont know what it's called. When you open the door and look down, its the semi long chromish colored piece that lays on the paint. Mine has a dent on it that is quite bothersome. Thanks in advance, & sorry to make a new thread but I also...
  4. ClaytonBrown

    OEM downpipe...

    Dude posted a CL ad ( with a title of 2010 GTI downpipe and contents: "I have an oem downpipe for a 2010 VW gti. 180 obo. Local only..." Although this seemed odd to me with the "oem" bit, I replied: "Who’s the manufacturer? Link to part or...
  5. ClaytonBrown

    Higher ride...?

    Has anyone had success, or even tried to take their coilovers higher then the stock ride height? I'm looking into getting some good coilovers but actually want the ability to swap my entire wheel out for some steelies I have and would like to put a nearly offroad style tire on them and take...
  6. ClaytonBrown

    APR vs Revo Tunes... Resurected

    I tried to reply here: but it appears that thread has been closed. I appreciate Joey21's comparison review, but he was comparing two different tunes on two different cars (jetta & gti). I am very much on the fence between the tunes...
  7. ClaytonBrown

    2015 Black Friday / Cyber Monday GTI MK6 deals?

    Feel free to post any deals here but I am specifically after a few things: Coil overs Intake Exhaust Stage 1 and/or 2 tune Wheel spacers Performance parts that are mostly DIY and if anyone knows of any performance shops doing any labor deals near St. Pete / Tampa (Fl) that would be great too
  8. ClaytonBrown

    Brown's candy

    Engine + Transmission Magnaflow Catback eBay Downpipe APR Stage 1 & 2 Intake APR Stage 1 Tune Exterior Clear side markers OEM Roof Rack, Powder Coated Gloss Black Custom emblems all round Interior Soon to come Wheels & Suspension HR Sport Springs Stock Laguna’s, Powder Coated Gloss Black...