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    OEM tail lights

    Non euro tails. Looking to get these things gone. Boxed and ready to go! I'm in Ontario, Canada but I will ship. $200cad OBO. *I am 5 minutes from Michigan so shipping can be easy* Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    roof rack question

    Hey I am just wondering what roof rack fairing to get for my OEM bars. I also wanted to know what size is best fit. Thanks
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    Roof Rack Fairing

    Just wondering if anybody has any information on what brand of fairing is good and what size would I need to get for my OEM roof rack??
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    Just looking to upgrade to a Nav Unit. If anyone is selling their RNS-510 let me know. Located in Canada, but live 5 minutes from the American border so I have an American address for easier shipping.
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    camshaft bracket

    My CEL came on Monday afternoon and the battery light, so i coasted to the shoulder and shut the car off. I plugged my scanner in and the code was P0341. Dropped it off at the local VW tuesday and couple hours later they called and said the cam sensor and bearing bracket (camshaft bridge) needed...
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    oil changes

    Hello fellow canadians, I just wanted to see what you guys are using for oil. As you know, canada doesn't supply some of the good american oil brands (at least not where I live) and just curious as to what good brand of oil you use on your GTI's
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    Oil Change

    Hey, Just seeing what oil everyone uses when they do oil changes? I bought this 2012 gti last year and it was very well maintained and I would like to change the oil this spring, and just wanted some options on good oil to use. Thanks
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    Cold Air Intake question

    I just purchased an Integrated Engineering intake for my GTI. I live in Canada and in an area that usually gets a lot of snow. This intake should be fine right? I mean it takes air from the grille and that is my only concern. Any help would be great......sorry for the noob question
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    parts for MK6 gti

    I am curious as to what other models of VW can fit on my mk6 gti. I can't word it correctly so I am sorry, but can certain Jetta parts fit etc. That kind of thing and what years. I guess interchangeable between makes is what I am getting at.
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    noob question

    sorry for the ignorance... I bought a MK6 gti in July and I was taking washer fluid out of my trade in and the dealership told me I cannot use the washer fluid because the additives in it will mess with the sensors or something. I recently got my windows tinted and they top up fluids, so this...
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    wheels sizes

    Hey everyone, I just bought a 2012 GTI on Friday so I am very new to this world. I am just curious as to what sizes of wheels I can fit on the car safely. 17, 18, 19? And I am looking for a winter set up and wanted a decent looking pair and not black steelies unless I really have to. Can...