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  1. James9449

    Tail Light Replacement

    I'm sure this inquiry has been posted sometime, somewhere . . . Has anyone bought / Is anyone running these tail lights ? Saw them on eBay. Price seems right, but I'm curious about quality and light output performance. Also, I assume I'd need VAG-COM coding to cancel lighting error codes...
  2. James9449

    Announcing the launch of!

    Bender / Grambles -- Thanks for starting this. Great idea. What will you feature in the way of VAGCOM adjustments and changes / codes / error corrections- or is that a subject for other threads? Thanks to you both.
  3. James9449

    GTI Roof Rack issue - Opinion

    I have several Thule base racks and accessories for vehicles I’ve owned during the past 20 years. I’ve had no problems with any configuration. I’ve mounted bicycles, boats, luggage and work equipment, including ladders, pole saws, etc. But I decided to go with a new set up, use some of the...
  4. James9449

    Neighbors Rottweiler came over and mauled/killed my dog today

    Gruesome, disturbing situation. Hard as it may be, the correct approach is to handle this as a matter of public safety and certainly safety for you son. Your child is the primary concern in the aftermath, given the potential danger. But the death of another 'family member' is certainly an...
  5. James9449

    GTI MK6 Sketches / Drawings / Cartoons

    Anyone have some sketch pics or cartoon drawings or just drawings of the MK6? Maybe someone could post to this thread or redirect me. Thanx.
  6. James9449

    Tuner-Friendly Dealers - Propose a list . . .

    I'd like to propose a list of Tune-Friendly VW dealers. Straight list, regional list, whatever. At least this would give some of us enthusiasts a better idea of which dealers are more attuned to those of us who want to mod our GTI's (or other models). I'd suggest the list just be a simple...
  7. James9449

    Rear wiper on GTI

    So I've read that the rear wiper has created several issues for forum members. Turn off the automatic rear wiper swipe at start up, remove the wiper altogether and work out some sort of plug where the hole is, whatever. Okay, here's another issue. Minor one, yeah. I'm sure it's a yawner for...
  8. James9449

    Performance brake pads for 2011 GTI ???

    Can anyone out there tell me whether there are performance brake pads - front and rear -- for the 2011 model ? Something tells me the pads are not the same as those for the 2010 GTI. I'm wanting to upgrade the pads only, not the rotors. My intent is for something like EBC ceramics or Hawk...
  9. James9449

    Who makes a good cordless impact wrench?

    I have a Ryobi impact driver with Lithium Ion battery. When changing my wheels, I use a half-inch drive adapter and put the socket on that. I loosen the lug nuts with a torque wrench, then spin off the lug nuts with the Ryobi. When putting the lug nuts back on, I use the Ryobi to get them...
  10. James9449

    A truly dumbass question

    It's very cold up here in NE, and I haven't taken time to really investigate how to remove the side markers on my '11 GTI. I know it's simple, but I don't want to risk marring the finish around the marker. I'm replacing the stock amber pieces with clear covers and LED bulbs. Any help?
  11. James9449


    Mortis -- Haven't had a chance to look up WordFeud. What exactly is it? BTW, didn't know you had a Droid. What model? I just got an X for my birthday. Still figuring out how to use it. Features and functions are pretty overwhelming to an old guy.
  12. James9449

    A map for fusebox ?

    Does anyone have a schematic of the fuse panel behind the lower left dash in the MKVI GTI -- or know where I can obtain one ? I'm having difficulty troubleshooting fuse failure, because identifying a blown fuse requires pulling each one to determine failure. I need a map. Or a brain...
  13. James9449

    Dimming primary dash gauges

    The dimming control to the left of the steering wheel seems to have a very limited range of dimming / brightening capability. In other vehicles I've owned, the rheostat control allowed selection range of very bright to almost completely dark. I think that's what I'd want in my GTI. Is it...