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  1. Pas

    need your opinion..

    should i put 205 40 r18 or 215 40 r18 on 18x8? Thx
  2. Pas

    stupid question

    Will 205 40 r18 tire fit easily on 18x8? Without any problem? Thx :)
  3. Pas


    Hi! I have installed the coilovers.. now it's lowered.. and i have barracuda voltec t6 18x8 ET 38 rims.. the tires are 225/40 R18.. And it's rubbing all around.. especially in the front.. i think the stupid worker set the camber 0 or positive.. now i want to set the camber about -0.5 in the...
  4. Pas


    :( shit happens
  5. Pas


    Voltec T6 8x18
  6. Pas

    18'' or 19''

    Can somebody help me??? Are those BBS black rims 18'' or 19''... on the first gti??
  7. Pas


    zhe best golf commercial... <3
  8. Pas


    maybe it's bad question but I'm interested in replacing my TDI 90 HP engine for GTD 170 HP engine... can it be done??
  9. Pas


    Look! safe to move???? or noooot.. LOL
  10. Pas

    can't wait..

    This is photoshop of my car.. want it so badly
  11. Pas


    What do you think is really gti front bumper???
  12. Pas


    Does anyone know can I replace those bixenon headlights for my halogen???? Is it just like plug and play??? Sorry my english is bad... but please help..
  13. Pas

    They are here! LOL

    How?? Is it hard to install?? do i need to connect lights on some special wire??? Sorry my english is bad..
  14. Pas

    They are here! LOL

    Did you take the car to the local dealer to install bi-xenon headlights? Pls..answer.. because I'm going to replace my halogen for bi-xenon....
  15. Pas

    vag com..

    Can vag com turn off fog lights while turning steering left or right???
  16. Pas

    plasti dip..

    I'm going to plasti dip my rims... hope they look better in matt black colour. Coilover are coming soon, about 2 weeks..... and sideskirt after summer.. What do you think.. all comments are wellcome.... :))
  17. Pas

    Little fun.. :)
  18. Pas

    Golf 6 GTI 35 edition
  19. Pas


    Can I put sunroof at local dealer?