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  1. little_loki

    Any tips for putting stock airbox back in today

    Gatta do it for the last oil change and tune up before warranty is up -_- +there is a squeak with the clutch when shifting into 1st and second gears. I already have 20,000 miles on her and I got the car new in April 2010 lol. So i was just wondering if from those of you have put the stock...
  2. little_loki


    I need lots of HIGH RES pics of golfs and golf gtis any year ASAP! help a sistah out!! GO GO GO GO!
  3. little_loki

    Making a Zine pt.II

    Hey guys, So it is time for me to collect some data for my Zine about our fantastic cars. If you have the time please do the little poll otayyy? Alright thank youu, I have the option of making up the data, but I really want to make it legit and real ^.^ thanks again!! {p.s.} also if you...
  4. little_loki

    Making a Zine

    Hey there loves, So for a class assignment we have to make a Zine on a topic of our choice. Of course I wanted to do something having to do with VW and the MK6 (: But I don't want to do it on just MY car and want to do it about this forum and the beautiful cars people have on here. So I would...
  5. little_loki

    VW Routan camper van on eBay!

    haha ya they have one at the dealership in the show room where i bought my gti ^.^
  6. little_loki


    in response to guido beach: AND YOU GUYS MAKE FUN OF CALIFORNIA!?!? :confused::confused::confused:
  7. little_loki

    What was your last car?

    ima fuck yo shit up boi. go to bed its gatta be like 4am on you side o tha coast
  8. little_loki

    What was your last car?

    YOU'RE A GIRL!?!? OMGOMGOMOGMGOMGOGM FRIEND!!! PLEASE TELL ME YOUR A so happy to see another girl on here..(: sorry if that is weird.... ^.^
  9. little_loki

    What was your last car?

    this is how i got my gti :happyanim: :lol: plz don't laugh.........but it did total the civic... this is the crash in the shop---finding out the true damage totaled....radiator cracked, frame bent, a/c unit totaled... Honda......built {not to} last { but really it was good little...
  10. little_loki

    Loki's Shadow Blue Tachikoma

    Alright, this is going to be a slow and steady process; BUT I have already done a few little things to get this journal goin' (: I have a 2010 6mt Shadow Blue Metallic GTI w/ Black Karthoums and the Autobahn package. I have big but simple plans for her; I want to keep it clean and euro. The...
  11. little_loki

    Another APR Carbonio Intake Install---I have a few Q's though

    Hello (: Today I installed my first upgrade to my mk6 Gti. I put in the APR Carbonio intake and that is all. When I started it up and it was REALLY loud; like REALLY. Then after a minute it calmed down and sounded normal {like with the stock airbox} I let it idle for about 15 minutes; took her...
  12. little_loki

    GTI Convertable?

    better looking eos.
  13. little_loki

    A Strangest little Race

    So this isn't a really awesome street race or anything, but I found humor in it (: Where I go to college in San Fran there is very limited parking {duh} Where I go to school everyone knows its just near impossible to find any where half way decent after 12p So the select few of us who are in...
  14. little_loki

    East Bay Peeps

    I want to know if there is a meet that isn't too far away. Sf is too annoying in a clutch ( i have to do it twice a week already dont want to do it more than i have too) But I've seen quite a bit of us (mkvi and mkv) around close to the water and dont think we should have to drive so far to...
  15. little_loki

    Moving Front Lisence plate pt. II q's

    Hey guys, so I recently asked how to move over the front license plate frame and i got some wonderful feed back. But I ran into a dilemma---how in the hell do i get these little roundie bolt like sh*ts off to move the plate mount?? Alright thanks agian guys (:
  16. little_loki

    Front Lisence plate to the side kit?!

    does anyone know how or if there is a kit or a way to move the front license plate to the side for max air flow but w/o like .... hurting the front bumper and w/o the previous holes showing up??? tanks (:
  17. little_loki

    just got my gti all weather mats (:

    and they look GOOD (:
  18. little_loki

    Whats your occupation?

    Me2! well, working on my Bachloers (: