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    New 2.5 owner here with some questions

    I don't think it has to do with the transmission. I'm always in the same gear when the lurching thing happens. I got a United Motorsport stage 1 tune and the biggest benefit was the weird lurch. It just feels like a regular engine braking, where you can feel a bit of deceleration as soon as (or...
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    New 2.5 owner here with some questions

    Long overdue update, it's was the rear bushings of the front control arm, replacing that fixed the bit of vibrations on acceleration.
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    FS: Full rotors and HP+ Pads

    Bump, I just want these gone. I can do $60 for the rotors, $60 for the pads, $100 for everything (shipping extra)
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    FS: OEM GTI shocks

    Still available
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    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread

    Still available
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    FS: OEM GTI shocks

    No, with stock springs.
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    FS: OEM GTI shocks

    Have a set of OEM Sachs shocks (front and rear) with less than 30k miles on them. $150 local (Los Angeles, CA)
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    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread

    Have the full set (Front and Rear) Koni Yellow shocks with less than 10,000 miles. No issues, just decided to go a different direction in my build. $400 local only (Los Angeles, CA)
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    FS: Koni yellow shocks

    Have the full set (Front and Rear) Koni Yellow shocks with less than 10,000 miles. No issues, just decided to go a different direction in my build. $400 local only (Los Angeles, CA)
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    GLWS. I used to have one of these, not too bad quality for something out of Aliexpress. I'd buy this myself but I dont have a non-flat bottom steering wheel
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    2011 GTI Steering wheel shakes at highway speeds, especially on acceleration...

    Front control arm rear bushings if you feel vibrations on acceleration (I just replaced mine) wheel balance if its always vibin
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    FS: OEM Sachs front and Bilstein B4 Rear shocks

    Used for less than 3,000 miles. Selling locally (Socal) for $240
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    Exhaust swap on a 2.5L 2012

    AFAIK the GTI exhausts are not long enough, you have to find some kind of piping to make it fit. Also, the mk6 GTI have the dual exhaust, so you'd have to look for a mk5 exhaust which have tips only on the single side. And even then, you'll have to make up the length that's missing. Moreover...
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    Koni Yellow vs Koni Coilovers

    Anyone had both? Leaning towards coilovers, since I don't have to worry about the shocks and springs playing nice, but coilovers are often reported to have stiffer rides, and the Koni Yellows I have now ride pretty well on the highways.
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    Best "mild" exhaust upgrade?

    My old 2007 GTI with South Bend SMF and stiff poly mounts did sound pretty interesting for a 4-banger. I enjoy the 5 banger for its smoothness. It may not pull as hard as the GTI but it feels like whatever power it puts out comes on smoother.
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    Best "mild" exhaust upgrade?

    The mk5 2.5 might be a lot more different than I had assumed. I cut out the mid-muffler and there was zero change in sound. The shop I did it at quoted me quite a bit for the suitcase delete, so I just decided to bite the bullet and go with the Eurojet system. I had one on my mk6 2.5 6AT. Loved...
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    burning oil, why?

    How do you know it's better based on just price? I also wanted to believe there are better oils to put into our engines although it all meets VW 502 requirements, but the Blackstone labs and personal experience with how much oil they burn seems to indicate I'm not getting much for paying...
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    burning oil, why?

    I beg to differ. I've had Motul, Total and Castrol (whatever you get at Walmart/Autozone) and had them sent out for Blackstone testing labs--no discernible difference other than the price tag. Both also had similar amounts of oil burn between changes. All the oil samples had one track day in...
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    Short Shifter Question

    Most short shifters change the throws only. It still feels the same as stock, you just don't have to move it as far to get it into each gear. The bushing inserts makes it in some ways even more notchier than the Dieselgeek because they aren't spherical bushings. They limit some movements but...