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    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread

    Oh, I'm in south bay in San Jose.
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    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread

    Have a a few items leftover from my MK6 GTI. Located in the San Francisco, South Bay area. APR carbon fiber intake - $150 Monster mats brand new - $60 still in original wrapper. Rear sway bar - SOLD (Neuspeed two position adjustable 25mm hollow bar) Set of Austin's from my MK7 and stock...
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    Considering Second Car...

    If you get a cheap Honda, you can save money because they just don't depreciate much. I used to have a Honda Civic Si hatch that I drove for several years that I sold for $200 less than I paid. Maintanance was cheap. I just replaced the alternator and battery and otherwise it was super...
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    Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept

    Yup, it's definitely no Corvette. It's a box on wheels but I like the powertrain. Tough call. Hopefully, they improve the looks a bit before they release it. I just got excited by the TDI hybrid and DSG.
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    Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept Interesting concept from VW. I assume it's a concept but it's fairly complete. I expect this to be a 2014 release sometime later this year. I like the specs 2.0L TDI combined hybrid to make 305hp. With a 0-60 time of 7.2...
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    2014 Lexus IS!

    That's just plain aweful looking. At least if you own one, you'll be sitting inside where it actually looks quite good.
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    Definitely test drive both versions. I read some review on Car and Driver (I believe) that said the TDi was the one to have because the suspension worked best. I didn't understand that because I thought the V6 and the TDi had the same suspension? I drove the TDi Touareg a few weeks ago and...
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    Sold GTI. Help me pick next car.

    Oh, man. I just checked and it only comes in a six speed. Well, here's hoping that the mk7 turns out to be much better than the mk6.
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    Sold GTI. Help me pick next car.

    I assumed it would have the DSG like the regular Focus. :iono:
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    Sold GTI. Help me pick next car.

    Evo MR? Focus ST, but you'd have to wait a bit.
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    Focus ST First Drive (Taking Stabs at the GTI)

    Really? I thought the Jetta interior was horrible. That's why I went with the GTI.
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    Honda CRZ for Wife?

    She should check out the Focus hatch. It's a pretty nice car for the money. Starts at around 18k. I almost bought it instead of the GTI.
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    Budget of ~$35,000 for a DD. What to buy?

    Take the Cayman out for a spin. It either fits your personality or it doesn't.
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    Budget of ~$35,000 for a DD. What to buy?

    I test drove my coworker's 2011 Boxster S and it was a blast. It's a very different feel when the car is mid engine. The handling was amazing and the car had virtually no body roll. The ride was decent but as a daily driver, it might be a bit on the loud side. Great car and I would've bought...
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    One more - S3 intercooler installed

    Well, I figured I'd add my 2 cents. I just broke in my '12 GTI DSG so I figured I needed more power. The intercooler upgrade was the best bolt-on for my Evo so I figured I'd try it out on the GTI. Install wasn't too bad. At least I had room to work on it and wasn't on my back all the time...