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    Mk6 vs..... Focus ST Stage 2

    Ran across a really quick 2016 stage 2 Focus ST the other day. I used to have a lightly modded ST before my GTI and I loved it. I had always been interested in just how quick a stage 2 ST actually is and I was surprised. He claimed around 280 whp and I believe he said about 360 wtq. The first...
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    Power Loss - Slow Turbo Spool

    I have been finding a few threads on this topic but nothing that is like my issue specifically. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Yesterday, I decided do a 4th gear pull because it has been a few weeks since I had done so. I immediately noticed it did not hit as hard as usual...
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    Stage 3 vs. 2018 GT350

    So my buddy recently bought a Mustang GT350 and is super cocky about it. I am trying to line up a role race with him but he is hesitant. He recently told me that he is down for some roll racing. He has about 100 more hp but weighs 700lbs more than I do. I don't assume that I will win but may be...