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    Options for upgraded fog - NOT DEAUTOKEY

    Currently have the deautokey fogs and I’d like to switch to something different. The light output is great but this is my second set (comped by deautokey) and it still constantly gives me a bulb out error. Looking for another’s option.
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    Having work done to repair damage and want some input

    2 separate issues being addressed. 1) I hit an animal and it cracked my front bumper and fascia around fog light. The work is being done by a shop but I want input about my fogs. Currently running deautokey cree lights (second set after ballast failure comped by them). When I start my car it...
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    APR Carbonio Stg 1+2

    SOLD Bought used off this forum years ago. It was damaged when I bought it (not mentioned by the previous owner) and I've included an image showing it. HAS NOT affected function at all; owned and used for previous 5-6 years. Does not come with filter or original rubber couplings (they failed...
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    GTI letters on steering wheel

    So the other day I realized that the shiny GTI letters at the bottom of the steering wheel is basically shiny plastic glued on dull plastic. I realized this when the letter I fell off. Has anybody seen or heard about anything I can do to cover this up? Maybe vinyl stickers or total removal? Idk...
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    Stratified and p2015

    Just flashed my car to my specific stratified tune last night and there a code p2015 this morning. Thoughts?
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    Switching from APR to Stratified

    Currently APR stg 2 and just got tired of the jerkiness and fluctuating boost so I pulled the trigger and bought an AP from Stratified with their flash. I'm wondering if anyone has experience switching from one tuner to a Cobb AP? The instructions make it sound like the AP will copy your current...
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    Considering switching from APR stg 2 to equivalent competitor

    I know many options have come out and I can't parse through that many pages of threads. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be lazy it is just a support long list of tuners now and I trust user opinions more than company websites. Current setup: intake, dp, upgraded clutch. MT. What are deciding...
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    New tires - Priority is treadwear and sound

    I live in NC and don't I'll be encountering much snow so these are gonna be on my car year round. I want a tire that will last a long time (current Nitto Motivos might not make it to 40k) and not be loud. Thoughts?
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    Codes p2178 and p2187

    Stage 2 Apr with 70k total. It's been running a little rough and I just thought it was the newest edition of stage 2. But twice in the last week my car shut off while sitting at a stop light. Today after it did it for the second time it threw the codes. One is "too rich at idle" and the other is...
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    Water getting into hatch door

    So I just ran my car through a carwash and 2 days later I opened my hatch and water started running out of the little door that opens to the back of the rear lights. There was significant water inside and even some dripping out near the bottom of the hatch. Clearly some water got in between the...
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    Numerous misfire engine codes

    Info: APR stage 2 ver 2.0, upgraded plugs and coil packs Recently I've been getting lots of throw codes for various cylinder misfires. 3 days (in the last few weeks) I've turned on my car and been greeted with misfire codes. Various cylinders. One day it was 3 cylinders and the other times...
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    deAutoKey Cree Fogs Bulb Out Notification with bulb still working

    My car is giving me a bulb-out alert for one fog light. The fog light is definitely still on so I'm unsure what the problem is. It's the same light that does this odd thing were when it turns on it dims by like 10% seconds after being turned on. It's been doing that for a year at least and the...
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    APR Stg 2 stutters

    I'm on the update that they released last year and since then I've noticed that my car feels like it stutters in certain situations. Around 3.5k in second and third with light acceleration. It pulls consistently but I can feel this stutter. Almost like it's slipping in and out of boost. I know...
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    VW update and APR Stg 2

    1. Is the VW update necessary for my 2012? Is there a link somewhere I can check my VIN? 2. Will they be able to do the update even though I'm tuned? I know it will overwrite my tune. Are there any negatives to showing up with a tuned car and having them overwrite it (legal...)? Do I need to...
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    Odd Electrical Errors

    Recently I've been having issues with the electronics of my MK6. 1) I sometimes get an exclamation point where the mileage and cruise control value display. The manual says it's a problem with my cruise control and I need to see a dealer. It's happened twice so far and after turning off the...
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    Failed NC Inspection

    I need some help pronto. I'm currently APR stage 2 with an SPM catted downpipe. I recently replaced my post-cat O2 sensor because mine had fried. I failed the inspection because I threw readiness codes for Catalyst "not ready" and O2 sensor "not ready". I ran VAGCOM looking for codes and found...
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    Rotor replacement

    Can someone tell me what rotors I should be looking into? I am gonna do a full replacement. Rotors, pads, bushings, and maybe lines and fluid. I don't want track rotors or some drilled and slotted Brembos that are 5 grand a set. Just something that gives me OEM or mildly better performance
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    H15 Cree Led from ijdmtoy

    Has anyone seen these ? I'm intrigued with some brighter high beams and I was hoping someone has some input
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    Installation of H7rc Bulbs in Halogen Housing

    Install of H7rc bulbs can be done without removing the front bumper. Wear gloves when handling HID bulbs. I recommend latex or thing rubber gloves. Mechanics gloves will not give you the touch necessary to do this. Some pictures to refer to as you read the instructions OEM bulb/bracket vs...
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    Review of DeAutoKey H7rc HID headlights

    So now that I finally had a free weekend I was able to knock out the install of the H7rc bulbs and both sets of H15 bulbs (5800K and 7000K). Pics are below and the DIY will be in another post. I want to make this clear before the review. I paid for the H7rc bulbs. I did NOT pay for the adapters...