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  1. GTIMKV20

    FS: 2011 Audi B8 S4 Prestige sprint blue supercharged 3.0T (400+hp) - excellent condi

    18947, visit craigslist post for details. Here is your chance to grab a powerhouse AWD luxury monster at a good price. Asking 17.5k obo
  2. GTIMKV20

    FS: double apex garage door opener button and sensor

    This thing is a necessity if you have a garage door. Easily programmable and install is simple wire wire taps. Button looks 100% OEM, snaps right in and illuminated red perfect match. $70 shipped Pics below! PM if interested.
  3. GTIMKV20

    FS: custom grill with VW MK6 plaid inlay and black strips

    Custom MK6 plaid emblem inlay. It’s vinyl plaid that I clearcoated with satin clear. Held up pretty well over the years, if no one wants it, I’m hanging it on my wall as a memory to my beloved vdub. Plastidipped stripes can be removed and are red underneath but black goes great with the...
  4. GTIMKV20

    FS: RCD330 Apple CarPlay headunit

    $160 shipped. This unit changed my outlook on VW headunits. CarPlay is awesome with Apple phones, sound is fantastic, 100% OEM as it’s just not sold with US models but is a VW product. Plug and play, mint condition no scratches or wear of any kind. PM if interested.
  5. GTIMKV20

    FS: PA: Uber stealth hatch floor sub and 300w RMS Rockford amp

    Sold. Stock system sounds unreal with this setup in my opinion. Fills out the bottom end, plenty loud and takes up zero hatch space. Can’t be beat. Shallow 10” Pioneer sub in Uber stealth carpeted box. Rockford amp is currently under Driver’s seat but could go anywhere you desire. Locals...
  6. GTIMKV20

    FS: Ross Tech Micro CAN VCDS Vagcom cable (unlimited vins)

    Older version of VCDS micro can cable with unlimited vin number usage. Sold Amazing little piece of VW usefulness, only selling as moved onto an S4 and need the HEX cable now. PM if interested.
  7. GTIMKV20

    FS: Modshack intake

  8. GTIMKV20

    PA locals: 18x8” oz ultraleggera matte graphite with DWS contis for trade

    Just seeing if I can help someone out. Trading in GTI this week and has Oz’s in it. They are in great shape, ultralight and tires and 60-70%. Looking to trade for decent shape OEM wheels, must be straight and no wobbles or excessive wear. PM me for details. Better pics to follow.
  9. GTIMKV20

    FS: Ed’s replica xenon headlamps, no led strips

    Sold. Great shape, xenons included (50w morimoto ballast and bulbs), see pics for details. Fitment is excellent. Questions welcome, these were a big hit on these forums a few years back when Ed was selling them. Amazing output especially with the 50w HID. Moving onto a new vehicle, just...
  10. GTIMKV20

    FS: Euroswitch

    $30 shipped, perfect shape.
  11. GTIMKV20

    FS: mint cond OEM LED tails dark cherry with fog

    $450+shipping takes them Recently polished and sealed, look amazing. OEM Dark Cherry LED tails with rear fog light. 100% functional, 100% condition. Only selling because bought a new S4 to replace the VDUB. PM me if interested, ready to ship by 1st week in October. Adapters included for all...
  12. GTIMKV20

    This forum is almost dead

    100% agree. This forum used to be my favorite time waster. Now it barely gets me through a bathroom visit, lol
  13. GTIMKV20

    FS: Ed’s LED Tails, Dark Cherry, No fog

    SOLD. Perfect shape, just polished and sealed too, literally look like the day I bought them. Adapters included, Ed’s reps that he was selling a couple years back. 100% mechanical cond, all lights functional (no dead leds)! SOLD. Will post up some pics today. PM if interested. Thanks!
  14. GTIMKV20

    Autocross or track racing northeast PA?

    Hey everyone, Moved to PA (near Doylestown) a few months back now. Got my 2012 GTI that I’ve had for 6 years now and looking to get back to an autocross or track day. Used to hit up autocross at an abandoned airfield in MA before I moved here. Hours of runs for like $100ish bucks. Anything...
  15. GTIMKV20

    Electric Snowblowers

    I swear I picked up my gas powered one for like $400 New and it's amazing. You could surely pick one up used for $2-300. Maybe put a cat less Downpipe on it because vdub.
  16. GTIMKV20

    Help a member out! Very quick survey

    lol I took it.. I apparently am a cheap bastard.
  17. GTIMKV20

    FS: Audiosources DS-811 8" touchscreen GPS/DVD/SD/USB/etc

    This unit does essentially anything you could want it to. GPS/DVD/SD/USB/FM/AM/CD/MP3 and steering wheel controls. I upgraded the GPS software to IGO NextGEN (newest version) as IGO Primo does not support the HD 1024x600 resolution on this unit. It came with Sygic and I can include this as...
  18. GTIMKV20

    FS: H&R Sport Springs ($100 - PA) **pics added**

    I've got a set of H&R Sports for the MK6 GTI that I ran for 15k miles before giving in to a set of DG springs as I needed the extra height for the terrible roads in PA. Nothing wrong with them, just too low for me right now. I'll grab some pics if anyone wants/needs them. $100 for a local...
  19. GTIMKV20

    First episode of Grand Tour is up a day early

    Best car show trio ever.