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  1. kthor7031

    P0143 and P2096 after intake Manifold replacement

    Necro-bump. Just got both of these codes randomly. OP, did you ever solve? Sounds like a replacement of the third 02 sensor is all that might be needed. I have no spacers in my downpipe setup.
  2. kthor7031

    K04 power cutout at WOT

    Strange that the tune resolved this. I've had my share of intermittent power cuts after shifting, and have looked into a lot of the hardware. Seems to be most persistent in cold temperatures. Sometimes, it simply happens on tip in of the throttle; but the tip in boost "limp" happens pretty...
  3. kthor7031

    Boost/fuel cut? 2013 GTI. Help!

    When my HPFP failed, I had the "pop" sound out of my exhaust. If have VAGCOM or something similar, I think you can diagnose by checking the high pressure target vs specified. My issue wasn't intermittent though.
  4. kthor7031

    clutch kit options for stage 2 unitronic tuned ko4 11' GTI

    For SMFW, I'd stick with Southbend if it has been working for you. I know a lot of people who have tried different brands (BFI, Clutchmasters, etc...) and they always compliment the Southbend kits; Especially the daily kits (Organic). Very easy to drive.
  5. kthor7031

    R8 Coil packs - does buying cheap mean inferior?

    What kind of increases have you seen? Edit: Saw your data in the APR release in the golf R section.
  6. kthor7031

    Tail lights yellowing from the inside?

    I feel like I have a similar issues on my tinted R-tails. Seems most notable on the turn signal portion of the lens. My lights are about 10 years old.
  7. kthor7031

    For Sale: 034 Catch Can (Gen 2)

    Bump. Pictures of the can added.
  8. kthor7031

    F.S. - Raceseng Slammer Shift Knob

    Replied Bump!
  9. kthor7031

    For Sale: 034 Catch Can (Gen 2)

    Bump. Pictures of everything but the can posted. Can is still installed in the car, because I don't have a new engine mount bolt. Pics to come soon.
  10. kthor7031

    F.S. - Raceseng Slammer Shift Knob

    Bump! Can ship out immediately, assuming local business are open.
  11. kthor7031

    Help with Guide Pins on rear Bosch caliper

    Late reply, but I did my brakes last weekend. I've done them a number of times so it's entirely possible I flipped them once before, but on mine, the bushing was on the bottom. Can't say for certain but not sure it matters. I just think one of the 2 needs to have more precision.
  12. kthor7031

    For Sale: 034 Catch Can (Gen 2)

    Selling my 034 catch can (Gen 2). My car is becoming more of a daily driver now and I dont track it anymore. No problems with it. Comes with all original pieces. PM if interested. Price: Sold! Link to product...