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  1. DawnsKayBug1

    Extended MDI Cable?

    I bought a MDI to USB for My Iphone. I connected it to an apple USB-Iphone connector. it didnt work. Is there an MDI Extension? My GPS crapped out on me so I am using Apple Maps. But to hear it over my speakers I need to be playing the Ipod and have the maps running.
  2. DawnsKayBug1

    APR UK Sale flyer L.O.L:lol:
  3. DawnsKayBug1

    Anyone run the Nurburgring?

    Saturday I did 2 laps (wreck closed it) and at the 4th turn I noticed slight brake fade. Near the end I pretty much had 0 stopping power. Went back in line and it only got worse. 2nd lap my car stunk like brakes really bad also. Anyone else experience this that bad on the Ring? Brake setup is...
  4. DawnsKayBug1

    APR/VWRacing Cup Snetterton, UK

    I got some VIP Tickets from APR UK to the APR/VWRacing Cup at Snetterton Circuit today. As usual it was cloudy,windy, and cold. It didnt rain which was a plus so the track stayed dry. This year the British GT cars were in the covered pits the whole time so I couldnt get any good pix. 1 crash in...
  5. DawnsKayBug1

    2010 VW GTI K04'd Stuttering heavy vibrations EPC light CEL

    The title pretty much sums it up. I have a 2010 GTI. After going out to dinner the car acted funny leaving and then ran fine. About a mile later it was acting worse and another mile I pulled over. RPMs were fluctuating. It drove like I had something wrong with the drivetrain. Once I put it in...
  6. DawnsKayBug1

    Weed burning turned into......

    Im sure the bill for them responding will be small
  7. DawnsKayBug1

    so I'm not really much into the Olympics...

    She isnt going to be @ London. I might of gone if she was . But I have a feeling something bad is going to happen...
  8. DawnsKayBug1

    FS Lakengrief/Moldyhell Dogbone insert

    I bought this Not realizing I had a VWR one installed. It also comes with new pendulum mount bolts. it was $65 shipped. $35 Just a FYI i dipped it in grease then realized I didnt need it so it isnt NIB but it is unused.
  9. DawnsKayBug1

    How hot where you live?

    It has hit 80 once this year.. I hate this country. I lived in Guam befroe here. High 89 Low 74 365 days a year!!
  10. DawnsKayBug1

    PS3 ... Black Ops / Modern Warfare 3

    Add me. Dawnskaybug I use the big guns with Thermal and silencer. Reaper AC-130 Osprey Killstreaks. I get the osprey about every other game. Best K/D ratio has been 56-0
  11. DawnsKayBug1

    Push-button start. Thieves reprogram BMW FOB in 3 minutes

    The easiest way to steal ANY car in the middle of the day on a busy street and nobody will say anything?????? A tow truck
  12. DawnsKayBug1

    Any Pilots/Aviation Geeks Out There?

    i fix what pilots break
  13. DawnsKayBug1

    GTi International

    Went ot GTi International Sunday. Ran a shitty 1/4 mile 0-60 in 5.09 seconds. I had MAJOR Wheel Spin and hop. (used Launch) Never got to do another run due to cars steering wheel falling off in the drag and hitting 3 people. One got air evac'd his condition is still unknown. The pics.
  14. DawnsKayBug1

    Please share this

    Then he can get a Stage 3 instead of Stage 1
  15. DawnsKayBug1

    Please share this

    If your in such a financial hardship Why dont you sell your $30k car?? or maybe stop modding it?? Orrr not get an APR tune Just a thought.... Im sure any financial planner has told you that. Car payment plus insurance is how...
  16. DawnsKayBug1

    TPMS light stays on

    Since about 1500 miles my TPMS light stays on. I took it to a UK VW dealer and the UK ones have a different system and they dont have the computer or whatever to fix it. No biggie I will Vag-Com it gone. Hooked up the Vag and it wont connect to the TPMS to make it go away. Soooo is there...
  17. DawnsKayBug1

    I feel like a Terrible Dad

    I have a 14 yo girl. Freshman next year. You want her ? She is yours. I will pay all shipping and handling charges.
  18. DawnsKayBug1

    Next Gen Ford Focus RS = 330hp

    I got Spanked by one of them (The matte black one) on the Nurburgring
  19. DawnsKayBug1

    Smallest Vehicle That Can Comfortably Tow 2000lbs?

    6 cyl Wranglers are rated at 1500#s due to the Wheelbase FYI..
  20. DawnsKayBug1

    APR UK

    I have had the APR K04 kit installed since Jan 2011. I never had a problem till spanking a 2011 Mustang 5.0 when I got a boost leak somewhere. It was still driveable just a loss of high end power. I put it on a lift and couldnt find it so I just lived with it. I pretty much worked 14 hours a day...