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    Passenger headlight doesn't come on

    Hi, My passenger side xenon headlight doesn't come on. It isn't the bulb as I've swapped sides and both bulbs work on the driver side. Having a hard time finding much info on fuses but they all seem fine. Specifically checked SB16 and 26. What else can I look into? Cheers, Erwan
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    FS: Barely used Golf R K04

    Hi, Was going to put this K04 on my car, instead I have purchased a dedicated track car and no longer want to the K04 on the GTI. Bought a few months ago from a gentleman who had gone stage 3 on his golf R - the turbo has less than 2000 miles on it...seriously it looks like it has not been...
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    No ESP/Stability Control Has Its Risks :P

    Rear tires were done as evident by this evening of lapping haha :P No electronics to save the car here, as it was all off by disabling the steering angle sensor. Fun times :) EbdRfyvLARU
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    EVAP Purge Control Valve (N80)

    A couple weeks ago I got an EPC light, it went away. A few days later I got a check engine light. I check the code and the following is what is tripping the check engine light. I checked the resistance across the N80 solenoid, it showed ~34 Ohms, compared it to my friends working GTI also...
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    FS:Throttle body pipe

    Along with the TOPs I had for sale (which are now pretty all called for) I have a few charge pipes left over. You'll need two new screwed for the sensor as the stock ones (at least from my 2011) are too small. Like the ones in the picture... or you can add $5 and I'll run to the store and grab...
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    Put an MK6 GTI in the spotlight!

    Yeah I love them - I'm debating getting a second set for my street tires! :D
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    Put an MK6 GTI in the spotlight!

    thanks! Indeed TD Pro Race 1.2, 17x8 Thank you!
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    Put an MK6 GTI in the spotlight!

    Lets make the MK6 GTI the 'coolest' car in my city haha :D Like, share, make it happen!
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    These people should not be allowed to drive

    The worst parking attempt I have ever seen (in Ottawa). Recorded by a co-worker. At the 0:30 mark, watch the white car back out and then the next car attempt to make its way into that spot.... :happyanim: oD-G5LTqXs4
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    Idle oil pressure cold/hot

    Hi I did a search but couldn't find anything definitive. I'm looking to find out what people's oil pressure readings are when engine is cold and when it is hot. Or what the acceptable range is as per VW if anyone knows that. For those who have oil pressure gauges would you mind posting...
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    My GTI at Pikes Peak

    My roommate and I drove some 30 hours to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this year. We had one of the best trips of our lives (being into motorsports and all). We had the incredible opportunity to hang out with some of the best race teams there and just an a blast. I took a...
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    30 hour drive in 3 minutes

    In an mk6 GTI of course! After my race on Saturday we packed the GTI up and drove 30 hours straight to Colorado Springs for PPIHC 2013! Left Sunday morning and got here 30 hours later! KpuIc-FGAUI join us for the week on twitter @Erwan12 and...
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    Who said one can't drift a GTI?

    Was just watching my race again getting ready for the next and found this gem, forgot about it. Nothing crazy but certainly wouldn't happen with the nannies on. ESP/TSC off completely (disabled steering angle sensor). Click link to get you to the right spot :)...
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    First race of the year

    First race of the year for me, also the first race on the 'Long track' configuration of Calabogie Motorsports Park. Long track favors high HP as it adds a couple more high speed sections and a long straight. Qualified 10th overall, ended up starting around 25th anyway (they messed up the grid)...
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    Hot lap with ESP off at Calabogie Motorsports Park

    First track day of the season, started out in the cold and wet but ended up sunny and warm (Canadian standards of warmth). I had ESP enabled all morning while it was raining, once I put my R888s on and the track dried up I turned off ESP for the first time (best thing since sliced bread). I...
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    Good 12v ignition source under hood?

    I did a little poking around for some meth kit installs but either I'm too tired or I just couldn't find anything but where are people tapping into for a 12v ignition source under the hood? I'm soon to be installing a 12v solenoid to control my accumulator valve and need to tap an ignition...
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    Quick review + pics: Neuspeed Race Springs with Koni Yellows

    So I decided this year to upgrade my springs/struts. Up until now I kept the suspension mods simple. GC Front camber kit Hotckis F/R sway bars This year I added Neuspeed Race Springs Front Axle - GTI Lowering 25mm / GLI Lowering 28mm Rear Axle - GTI Lowering 25mm / GLI Lowering 28mm Front...
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    Track footage, different view

    I've posted video footage of me on the track from my GoPro inside the car. Here's a video from my roommate's contour from last season (he just uploaded it). He's faster than I on the track but stayed behind for a bit during this session to chase me. 7VUdDl2FW3E...
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    LF: Stock front calipers

    For anyone who has gone with a BBK, do you still have and would be willing to sell me your front calipers? Preferably no ripped boots and taken off fairly recently but doesn't really matter. Would need them shipped to 13669 PM me! Thanks :) :D