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  1. LeesburgMKV

    RSVP Function for the events page.

    It seems as though none of the threads with an RSVP option are working correctly. Every time you try to RSVP it brings you to an error page and allows you to forward the problem to an administrator. I did this but it hasn't been taken care of yet. With a lot of events coming up soon I think...
  2. LeesburgMKV


    I finally get 5 cars!!!
  3. LeesburgMKV

    So who like's fishsticks??

    Do you guys like fishsticks??
  4. LeesburgMKV

    Why do I keep getting denied by capital one?

    I really need a credit card to start building up my credit. I'm almost 19 years old and the only credit I have is my gym membership (35 dollars a month). I have a feeling I'm just giving them wrong information some how but I have no idea where. I just got denied for the second time. I'll...
  5. LeesburgMKV

    UFC 97 Predictions

    Who do you guys think is going to win the main event?? My money is on Rashad Evans. EDIT: I spelled rampage wrong in the poll, just ignore the mistake.
  6. LeesburgMKV

    Australia rocks!

    I just learned on manswers that Australia pays for the women in it's armed services to get breast implants. That's probably the coolest thing I've ever heard and I love Manswers. It's probably one of the best shows on TV.
  7. LeesburgMKV

    Just wanted to say....

    That out of all the forums I've visited this is the easiest to navigate and read. The rabbit owners club is all black and it's really hard to read people's posts because it's so dark. Vortex is boring and the quote system is sometimes hard to follow. GolfMKV is perfect. By far my favorite, just...
  8. LeesburgMKV


    I finally get 4 cars!!!!!!
  9. LeesburgMKV

    Serious question/problem

    I really hesitate to post this because of all the xforgedx shit but I have a serious problem. I don't know of any other forums/websites to go for info on this topic because I'm only 18 so be fair. Me and my girlfriend were having sex tonight and everything went on as usual except for one thing...
  10. LeesburgMKV

    Funniest video (hope it's not a repost) I cried for an hour it's so funny. Definitely hasn't been posted yet.
  11. LeesburgMKV


    Hey there golfmkv community. I know what you're all thinking "Damn it's 3 in the morning and I've been on this site all night...............I'm fucking starving!". BUT WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO EAT??!!! I know that you've been searching the DIY section for recipes for years but I finally have your...
  12. LeesburgMKV


    I procrastinated my Accounting homework and now my colleges website is down so I can't get it. It's all posted online and nowhere else. So gay, and I needed to do that homework to study for the test tomorrow. community college is harder than it seems................:frown:
  13. LeesburgMKV

    Enter @ Own Risk

    I wanna see the GTI-R soo bad. I can't bear the wait.
  14. LeesburgMKV

    Editing MYGOLF garage

    I can never figure out how to edit MYGOLF garage. I tried to add my GTI and edit my rabbit (add pics) and it did not work to upload my new car. Also I could not find out how to edit my old car. Am I missing something?
  15. LeesburgMKV

    Enter @ Own Risk

    I'm down for this section. btw: I'm UnderoathLOG1234 from
  16. LeesburgMKV

    Do you guys find this as funny as myself? I can't stop listening to the song. Just watch the whole thing if you haven't seen it.