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    P2SPEC: The Resolution Thread

    Everyone, first and foremost I understand what label I've been given toward this community. For this I greatly apologize as some of you I actually do consider true friends. Developing a business centered around falsities and assumptions and carelessness can only lead to downfall sooner or later...
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    DTM Rs? :)

    Came across this thread on bimmerpost... hopefully not a repost! Check these beauties out: Link to entire thread HERE. Enjoy!
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    Fiat 500 Abarth

    With my commute, I think it would end up being at least a month and a half between fill-ups! LOL.
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    Fiat 500 Abarth

    I'm totally down for a spare Fiat. Test drive a buddies every so often :). Park at the whole foods and its game over with the chicks haha.
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    Will trade invite for BSH product discount :).
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    Epic Lifted MkV.

    um. that's badass! it's like a better looking Mercedes ML ;)
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    1000 posts club

    Thousand post vendor! :)
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    Thought I'd share pictures of our Home Theater

    Spotting the Carbon Fiber TT! Dropping it like it's hot at Panda's house!
  9. B - New Arkym Hood Photoshoot ;)

    Took our shop GTI out for a P2Spec photoshoot of that new Arkym Hood :). Fully painted Candy White! More pics to follow, but enjoy: The info thread link:
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    What do you guys think of these wheels?

    Just got on board with NB1 to bring these here, but definitely want some opinions from the community. Pretty 'sharp' wheels, literally :). More info on the vendor thread, here, if anyone's looking!
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    .::| P2SPEC - NB1 Wheels Introduction! $599 Wheelsets 18" & MORE!

    P2Spec is proud to introduce a new lineup of wheels to the community, NB1 - Euro Luxury Alloys - purveyors of fine, OEM inspired, premium alloys for today's VW and AUDI aftermarket. Check out some of the very classic and new edge designs these guys are bringing on board :). And it's true, why...
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    Who has that mazda 3 w/ that smily face shopped?

    LOL gotta show my buddy this... (still remains funny after all this time)
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    ARKYM Mk6 GTI Performance Carbon Fiber Hood

    We just released our newest collaboration with ARKYM Carbon USA and our proud to exclusively release the product! Check it out guys: Arkym MK6 GTI Performance Carbon Fiber Hood -Dual Side Heat Engine Bay Release Vents (Exhaust) -Center Cold Air Recessed Vent (Intake) -2x2...
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    Introducing the Panda Lux!!! Our new VW CC

    Yep, now we're talkin'! Very nice addition to the panda family!
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    Mini Cooper Countryman. GTI Wannabe?

    hm.... I kinda dig it...:).
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    P2SPEC SEMA Collaboration Project - Press Release Announced 11/1/10!

    Finally, ARKYM has released their AeroRace ONE kit for SEMA and for those of you who are local to our shop - this answers the questions about a long-time SEMA collaboration project we've been honored to be a part of :). In the last few days we've been super-busy with finishing up this project...
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    Anyone else Vegas-bound for SEMA?

    Just throwing it out there - I know a few of you have been around the who lately while we're doing the SEMA hustle so its been nuts! Anyone else coming along for the ride? We'll also be doing A SEMA week thread with all the good pics ;). So who's in for the whole thing or part of it?
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    "Exhaust Tips Cleaned" last weekend {Exhaust Teaser Exclusive P2Spec/GolfMk6}

    "Exhaust Tips Cleaned" last weekend {Exhaust Teaser Exclusive P2Spec/GolfMk6} First and foremost, it's been a long time in the running since we've been cooking up the relationship between this exhaust manufacturer (local and known primarily for NA E90/E92 and FI 335i exhaust systems) and over...
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    Official Picture Thread: [VMR Wheels vs. Avant Garde Wheels]

    Over the months we've all been collecting a few pictures from either wheel manufacturers and honestly it's been a dead heat from all of you guys asking for wheel info for either side of the fence. Let's face it. These two manufacturers make GREAT LOOKING WHEELS and even with the shop car, it's...
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    Who here votes to BAN harddrivin1le

    Seconded! .... *slowly looks over shoulder*