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  1. bernardryan

    Dyno results Stage 2 Gti Mk6 DSG

    This is like wayyyyyyyy too late i'm guessing but will just leave it here for others. DSG is pretty easy to do the dyno.. just move into 3rd gear and rev all the way... Sidenote: the lost-in-power/dip in the dyno has been solved with the latest tune. I think the tune is somewhere Oct 2019?
  2. bernardryan

    Dyno results Stage 2 Gti Mk6 DSG

    Ambient temp was around 31C at about 11am. Mods: Apr stage 2 tune v2.1 Ron95 tune. (I have Ron95, Ron98, Valet and Stock tunes) Hardware: CTS Turbo Intake stage 1 and 2 pipe, R8 Coilpacks, 3 inch downpipe w/o catalytic converter, full sized resonator, Valvetronic Exhaust Fuel: BHP Infinity...
  3. bernardryan

    Car temperature... Need advice

    Need some advise. When I first got the car, the temps were from 98C to 104C and when I WOT, it would go up till max 112-114C. After almost 3 years and 56k km, the temps are now at 108 to 115C on normal driving. When I step on the gas to about 200+kmh and constant for about 5 minutes, temps go...
  4. bernardryan

    (2nd hand) APR CAI+DP and Akra Catback

    Hi guys, am thinking of buying 2nd items from a person who installed them in his GTI at 20k km and now it's at 45k km. APR CAI stage 1 and 2 APR downpipe 3 inch Akrapovic Slip on catback All have done 25k. Ignoring the price, cause stuff over my side of the world way more expensive, is it...
  5. bernardryan

    Upgrade from APR Stage 1 to Stg 2?

    My current setup: CSG GTI mk6 DSG APR stage 1 tune in 2013 (4k km after i got the car new) Everything else is stock. Now I am getting the itch once again. Have been researching and have narrowed down to Milltek Exhaust system. More specifically leaning towards the twin rear silencer Turbo...
  6. bernardryan

    Mk6 Gti Stg 1 vs Mk7 R stock...

    I can't wait for him to get his R, and I can record some videos on a stage 1 Gti... I will lose, no doubt, just how badly... Thats what i want to record... 5s 0-100 for MK7 r in my country... 6.2s 0-100 for MK6 Gti - what I tested, not official tho... Stay tuned for videos.. Of course from...
  7. bernardryan

    Fault code 001089

    Hi Guys, I just sent my car for servicing 45k interval @ 40550km. Before doing that, I usually do a few things like reset back to stock and check via VAGCOM if there are any fault codes. This fault code appeared 001089 which when checked with Ross-tech, showed the EVAP system fault. I...
  8. bernardryan

    McLaren P1 Private Unveil!

    Unless you've long slim sexy slender legs with high-heels and hot-pants/short skirt... The people from the outside would just faint... :P ps: you've got to be a girl for that also.