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  1. john@FTC5

    Is Brake flush neccesary ?

    My car has 30k and I need need to change be rotors and pads soon. My questions is how many of you think is necessary to flush the brake ?
  2. john@FTC5

    fs- 2 denver 50.00 each

    As per title i need to get rid of this 2 Denver i have . Price is firm and pick up only Northern NJ ,15mins from manhattan. NO bent just some curb mark and scratch.
  3. john@FTC5

    Front color matched Valance

    Pick any MK6 color,cash $170 +your OEM as core.Shipping expense on your own. Pm me for more info.
  4. john@FTC5

    Group buy Gloss black front emblem

    delete please
  5. john@FTC5

    FS-2 spare Huff 17" wheel for cheap

    I have 2 spare Huff that i was gonna use for winter set up but no longer need them. They r not bent just scratch and scrub here and there but can be repair for $75 any wheel place. I m asking 75.00 each. I have both of them. If you want both I will take $125.00 CASH firm. For those who r going...
  6. john@FTC5

    Will you trade your GTI for This?

    i was looking at the TDI version.
  7. john@FTC5

    Will you trade your GTI for This?

    My lease is up in few months and i can either option to my GTI or lease other car. Would you trade your GTI for this toureag ? I want the same color with 22 inches wheel
  8. john@FTC5

    Who is going to Waterfest ?

    Just wondering any members from Hudson or bergen county are planing to go down on Sunday 22th @ Waterfest?
  9. john@FTC5

    FS- few set color marker free shipping

    i have 3 sets GTI ( Candy white / Carbon steel gray ), 1 Set Tdi Candy White & R mirror cap. All item free shipping til waterfest. Marker 75+ core deposit R mirror Cap $185.00 shipped No core deposit necessary
  10. john@FTC5


    I want those R SEAT that u have brother.
  11. john@FTC5

    FS-candy white rear emblem

    Ready to ship for $90.00
  12. john@FTC5

    fs- Set TPMS & 2 denver spare

    As per title i have a set ( 4 ) TPMS for sale. $ 100.00 shipped also 2 denver with tires No tpms for sale 150.00 both. Good for spare
  13. john@FTC5

    So Wet & Fresh photo

    Today i went to Philip the famous Detailer guy around my area. Drop off the car at his place 9am and took us 6-7 hrs to get it to the result i want it. I can't be more happier than this. Worth every penny and i will be buying more product from him as i will be washing my own car from now on...
  14. john@FTC5

    fs- CC parts only

    I m selling the whole front off CC I have used CC front bumper cover -$$275.00 ( need to repaint ) Front Headlamp -pair $ 400.00 Front upper Grille ( used ) -$250.00 Email me if interest and can be pick up in Northern NJ area.;)
  15. john@FTC5

    Look what i m offering .

    I finally come across a stock grille that i can use to color match for member on here. PM me if interest.
  16. john@FTC5

    limited time offer color match engine cover

    I got a few member who inquired me to make them a color matched engine so here i am. I m going to start with 10 member to see how they like it. Price is $125.00 + SHIPPING ( member will need to mail in their engine cover ) I m only color matching the outer piece ,the center texture finish will...
  17. john@FTC5

    Used mint condition Olloclip

    As per title ,i have a used mint condition Olloclip len for iPhone 4/4s Asking for $55.00 shipped Retail :$69.95
  18. john@FTC5

    FS-Mint condition 8MM h&r spacer

    Asking $40.00 shipped. Only had them on my car for a day. Nothing wrong with it just i was able to clear some my suspension issue without needing the spacer.
  19. john@FTC5

    WTB- Mk6 rear hatch release complete assembly

    As per title if any one have 1 laying around who wanna sell them for cheap. Hit me up please.
  20. john@FTC5

    Interest in Front towed hook license plate bracket?