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    SOLD: Dieselgeek Sigma 6 Six Speed Short Shift Kit (Updated Version)

    Does it come with the Delrin pivot bushings and everything in this pic? Thanks.
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    Clutch will not disengage

    Yeah, the platform doesn't pivot but I just placed a 1" thick piece of wood underneath the differential housing area so the transmission is cocked at an angle on the platform to clear the subframe and then raise it with this jack. I was able to install the transmission by myself and the wifey...
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    Clutch will not disengage

    On the DKM stage 2 clutch, it's labeled gearbox side on the disc so hopefully the twin disk was labelled too and you paid attention to which side is which. I would try bleeding the slave cylinder first before you drop the tranny again. If you do drop the tranny, buy this transmission jack from...
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    Clutch will not disengage

    Here is the bleed procedure for the slave cylinder: 1. Fill brake reservoir to the top of the opening 2. Get a container and partial fill with new brake fluid 3. Put a hose on the bleeder valve and submerge the other end into the partial filled container. Make sure the end of the hose stays...
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    FS: Two sets of mk7 style headlights - BOTH SOLD

    Which pictures are of the second set of v-land headlights?
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    Tuned or not

    Tunes usually raise the boost pressure of the turbo. Stock is 9-10 psi, stage 1 is ~15 psi, and stage 2 is ~20 psi.
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    are these all I need for LSD install?

    I think if you open up the transmission, the workshop manual says to replace the input shaft bearing: While you are there, I would replace the input shaft seal and rear main...
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    Cobb V3 Accessport

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    Cobb V3 Accessport

    Hello, I have for sale a unmarried Cobb V3 Accessport for MK6 GTI. Part number is AP3-VLK-001. Accessport has been updated to the latest firmware and V107 calibrations from Cobb. Comes with everything pictured. Only thing missing is the carrying case. Thanks. SOLD!!
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    Cobb Accessport Malfunction

    Have you updated the Cobb Accessport firmware using Accessport Manager software from Cobb Tuning? Also download the latest maps. If you flashed it back to stock and it’s making the same noise, you probably had an underlying issue that finally arose like Thumper1 said. What year is your car and...
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    Mk6 GTI Interior

    Got pics of the driver's side door card?
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    For sale Frankenturbo F23t for fsi/tsi

    Might want to look at the date of the original post.
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    Cobb AP

    Got any pics?
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    FS: OEM Halogen Headlights

    Pm sent.
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    FS: RNS 315 Headunit

    Do you have the security code for it?
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    AWE Tuning Diamond Black Tips

    OT but nice watch!
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    FS: OEM Tailights, OEM Halogen Headlights, Stock Airbox, VW Sunshade

    Ok cool, if you change your mind then I'm still interested.
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    FS: OEM Tailights, OEM Halogen Headlights, Stock Airbox, VW Sunshade

    I'll take the headlights if you are willing to ship. My zip code is 34203.
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    Full vent gauge pod and 034 boost tap

    Mind taking a pic down the bore (hole) of the part? I already have a boost tap so I’m looking for one with a tapped hole.