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    FS: 034 Motorsports Billet Dogbone Mount, MkV/MkVI Volkswagen & 8P Audi A3/S3

    P/N 034-509-1016, used 16k miles, bearing still nice and tight. Used on my `13 TDI 6MT but removed in favor of the stock part (seems to be designed for gas engines that vibrate less)...
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    Keyless entry (KESSY) single door problem.

    Thanks for sharing this. Same complaint and similar reaction here (though about 6 months and quoted $220 + paint for a new handle). Mine (`13 Jetta Sportwagen) also had a break in the red wire's insulation, though not as severe as your's. Spliced in new wire, reinstalled, and KESSY works again...
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    Steering ratios and Spindles ( stock - passat - TTRS)

    I just went through some of this, though w/ a B6 Passat Al spindle instead... Regarding the MKII TT ball joint w/ B6 LCA...the ball joint hole patterns are different b/w Passat and TT, requiring milling/drilling a new hole in the B6 LCA (thus losing some camber adjustability offered by the MKII...