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    Navigation Upgrade Suggestions

    What is the best aftermarket in dash navigation unit for the Golf6? I would still like to be able to take advantage of the handsfree calling and steering wheel control. I'd also like something that works with the factory bluetooth adapter. Any aftermarket units that can do this?
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    Can u change the computer to kilometers per hour?

    I live in Germany and the speed gauge is only in mph. Anyone know if it is possible to make the trip computer read speeds in kilometers per hour?
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    Got tint? Show me a pic:-)

    I'm going to tint my windows lightly. Probably go 40%. In Germany we have issues with tinting the front two windows so I don't want a huge contrast between them and the rear. If you guys have some tint pics please post them along with the %. thx.
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    What do u guys think of this diesel break in article?
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    TDI pedals?

    Are they metal or black rubber?
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    Sell stock 17' TDI wheels on Ebay $$$ ?

    How much do you guys think I could get for them with tires?
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    Looking for nice 18's with Black Accents

    Anyone have good ideas for 18's with black accent's? I'd like the well to be black so brake dust doesn't look so noticeable. Let me know what you think of. Post a pic and name if you got something nice in mind. Thx.
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    Golf R LED Tail Lights

    Just to let you guys know, I stopped by the VW dealer here (I live in Germany) and I can get the Golf R LED tail lights for 420 Euro which comes to about 650 US. I'll be getting them, probably before I even pick up my Golf!
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    Sunroof vs. Headroom

    Is there any noticeable loss in headroom by having the sunroof vs. non sunroof mk6? I am 6'5 and ordered a tdi with the sunroof. I only got to test and sit in a GTI with leather seats. With the seat dropped I have about 2-2.5 inches of headroom which isn't that bad and it didn't seem to be an...