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    WTB Carbon Steel Rear Bumper

    Hey- So my wife backed out of the driveway and scraped my E30 with the GTI. Talk about adding insult to injury... WTF if anyone knows where I can get a deal on a rear bumper, painted prefered please let me know, Thanks Brian
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    Just picked up my 010 GTI! I love everything about the car minus the wheels! Looking to see what I can get to work with, I have a nice set of wheels I found bit the offset is ET35. I was wondering if these will work with my GTI? I believe the et is 45? Anyone know if these will work? Thanks Brian
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    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    Hey! Wanted to introduce myself, just picked up my 2010 GTI. Carbon 4dr 6spd. Only been able to put 50 miles on so far and am loving it! I haven owned a VW since my 98 GLX. Good to be back in the game! Brian