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    OEM VW/AUDI Haldex Fluid

    Bump! Price reduced.
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    OEM VW/AUDI Haldex Fluid

    OEM Haldex fluid necessary for the service of your gen 4 or similarly applicable Haldex system. Container was opened briefly to complete a system service and was swiftly resealed with approx. 800 ml of fluid left, enough for another full service. Do note that Haldex oil is hydroscopic in nature...
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    Osir style R splitter

    Selling my CF osir style splitter as I opted for the more durable DPC splitter. Has just been collecting dust this past year; never installed and in like new condition. $140 buyer pays shipping PM for more information and pictures Thanks~ Andrew *SOLD* Sent from my iPhone using...
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    '12 GTI 40k miles- Stage 2 ready car

    Hello everyone! I thought it'd be as good idea as any to post my car here on top of my Craigslist ad. Has a previous salvage title with 40,407 miles; mods include an APR turboback, Uni intake, and GFB DV+ $9,400 OBO...
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    WTB: 3in catted downpipe for Golf R

    Would like to see what's out there before I go ahead and pull the trigger on a new 3in dp for my mk6 R. Preferably low mileage and catted, send me what you have. Thanks!
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    WTB: MK6 Golf R LED DRL(s)

    Looking for a set of function DRL's for a 13' Golf R (three pin connector) DRL right: 5K0 941 056 B DRL left: 5K0 941 055 B
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    WTB: OEM Bi-Xenon headlights w/ LED DRL

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a wrecked 2013 Golf R that I'm rebuilding and am in search of a pair of oem bi-xenons with led daytime running lights. If you have some for sale or know of some, please PM me with details. Thank you.
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    Agressive wheel fitment concerns

    Let me just start out by saying I'm a fitment noob... however, recently a set of wheels with rather aggressive fitment have been offered to me for a good price- 18x9 ET30 on 215/35/R18 tires. From what I understand this is doable on a mk6 gti especially with that kind of stretch on the tires...
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    Hello everyone. First, I would like to start off by saying I'm new to the forum! I bought my mk6 a little over a year ago and am totally in love with it. I plan on eventually going stage 2, but I have a few questions regarding the DP before I purchase one. I have a CBFA engine and I see that...