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    TTRS clutch

    07k 141 015 bx Plus Sachs sprung disk, bolts $330.00 plus shipping
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    TTRS Clutch

    07k 141 015 bx Plus Sachs sprung disk $320.00 plus shipping
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    Carpet removal

    Looking for a DIY for carpet removal on a golf. I'm looking at putting in some sound deadener. The seats are easy, but how about the kick panels, threshold etc.
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    FSD vs Bilstein HD

    I have a TDI that I'm putting on GTI springs. Anybody driven a car with FSD and the new Bilstein HDs? I drive 40,000 miles a yr and want something better than stock yet I don't need to feel every freeway expansion strip. I have a weekend Porsche with PSS10's, so I have my fix for stiff...
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    Bilstein HD

    Will Bilstein HD's raise the car since they are gas pressure? I'm looking at keeping stock springs. If so how much? 5mm, 10mm?
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    Climatic HVAC

    Does Climatic HVAC work without the fan on? Can you set the temp on fresh air mode and no fan? Will it close off fresh air? I've searched and can't find the answer.