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    MK6 - GTI Factory Clutch and Flywheel Combo - USED

    ok no problems. Let me know.
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    MK6 - GTI Factory Clutch and Flywheel Combo - USED

    Shit sorry. Are you interested in this. My number 914 224 7563 Name is ralph
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    MK6 - GTI Factory Clutch and Flywheel Combo - USED

    Sorry for late response. It was removed because I added more horsepower to the car. This resulted me to upgrade to a level 4 clutch kit. The OEM won't handle the power. Both the flywheel, clutch and pressure plate was removed.
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    MK6 - GTI Factory Clutch and Flywheel Combo - USED

    Selling the entire MK6 GTI OEM Clutch/Flywheel/Pressure Plate.. Has 15K miles on it.. Good Condition.. $250.. If you need more Pics - please let me know.
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    MK6 - GTI - Air intake complete OEM - USED

    Have the complete - Air intake Factory OEM air intake system - USED.. $300
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    MK6 - GTI Torino Red Complete Front Bumper Cover - (OEM) USED

    More house cleaning - MK6 - GTI Torino Red Front Bumper Cover Used (OEM)- asking $450..
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    USED - MK6 GTI OEM Turbo Back Exhaust - (Complete)

    Again - more house cleaning. Used GTI Turbo Back Exhaust - asking $600. Very Good Condition..
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    MK6 Detroit Wheels - For Sale (USED)

    Guys, Had to spring clean. Posting these set of 4 MK6 Detroit.. Above average finish... Asking $400 for the set..
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    MK6 GTI GTX2876R - NYS Inspection

    So the title is self explanatory. So I have all the bolt ons. 1. Stage 4 Southbend Clutch kit 2. Full Turbo back SPM 3. CTS Down-Pipe 4. CTS Up Pipe 5. FMIC Nuespeed 6. Unitronic CAI 7. Unitronic Stg 2 8. Standard K03 9. R8 Coil Packs 10. 2 step cold plugs Gearing for 1. GTX2876R - (Stock...
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    Another Big Brake Kit Fitment Question

    So this is my ask to you brake wheel fitment experts: I have currently: 1. Alzor 020 in 18x9 et30.. 2. 225/40/18 3. OEM Suspension My want is to: 1. ECS 2pc stg5 rotor 353x32 2. 18z calipers or 1. Forge 2pc rotor 330x32 2. 17z calipers My concerns is depth spacing between caliper and my...
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    MK6 w/ Universal Mishimoto Intercooler 1250CFM

    Question, Already have a Mishimoto Intercooler (1250CFM) Wanted to know if this intercooler will reduce volume metric efficiency since it is way bigger than stock running on a K03 stage 1 setup? However I will be going...
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    355x54 Front Rotor Fitment

    Wanted to know if a 355x54 rotor fitment works on MK6. Provided you have 18x9 30ET rim and 18z calipers.
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    Alzor 18x9 square fitment and Brembo 18z 6 piston

    Been going through posts. I need rim/tire/brake fitment experts to point me in the right direction: 1. Looking at alzor 020 18x9 square. For now I have stock suspension and future will leverage Blistens PSS10. Planing to drop the rear about .5 inches and front 1 inch. NO tucking in scope...