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    Chiraqi Chat14: And You Get a MK7 GTI, And You Get a MK7 GTI, And You Get a MK7 GTI!!

    just washed before the trip after the trip... so much salt here, we only used gravel where I'm from Thanks! oil central aka Alberta Mmm, just east of Naperville
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    New to Chicagoland

    Hey everyone! I recently moved from Alberta, Canada and took my Canadian GTI all the way here. I am looking for a good shop to do some mods but more importantly, I need them to convert over some things to make my vehicle compliant to US standards (swap out dashboard for speedo with MPH and add...
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    Do you regularly watch South Park?

    That's ignorant
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    Mk7 on Canada Website

    it'll always be more expensive here
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    Teslas are fast...

    not lead acid.....
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    Ricer Spotted Thread

    molkswagen edit: weird.. it shows on tapatalk2 as upright to me
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    Tapatalk 2

    nice, was looking for tapatalk to go on sale, may as well get tapatalk 2
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    Hardcore PC gamers, need your help

    mines around $1k and it works good 3570k with hyper 212 evo for OC z77 motherboard gtx 570, slight OC 8gb ram 128gb ssd probably even cheaper now
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    Plac Predictions –Will there be a second coming/reckoning?

    lol.. added September 18 2011?
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    Plac Predictions –Will there be a second coming/reckoning?

    unless he has some video out that I can't see... last time he mentioned intakes, he got a new stock intake box and a drop in filter...
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    Plac Predictions –Will there be a second coming/reckoning?

    tbh i always read his build thread... who cares how many times he bought the same thing and reinstalled the same parts i trusted his opinion on the fitment and sound of the ultimate racing downpipe, purchased it and haven't regretted it i wouldn't mind if he came back
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    Anyone Wanna Buy a Bag of Pubes?

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    Just got the dumbest ticket of my life

    ventilation system where the parking spot is?
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    Apple is very scared

    my laptop is 4 years old and runs great too... there are TONS of different looking pcs on the market.... its ridiculous to say that your macbook pro looks way better than any of them plus, your macbook pro looks the same as everyone else's... so boring, nothing unique about it
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    Diablo 3

    getting so owned in act 2 inferno
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    Diablo 3

    will probably barely be able to run it.. but eff it i'll play on the lowest settings until i get a new machine
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    VW Newest Car

    superconducting road surface? lol
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    Super excited about the FR-S

    sigh... why do people have to keep talking about this the frs/brz is not a 0-60 car. that's not it's purpose
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    Ak47s and drifting so stupid...