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    Warning: Avoid doing business with this member

    And this is why I stay off forums like these. I've sold over 25k worth of parts/items on forums/craigslist/ebay. 100% buyer feedback. In the end The buyer failed to send the 'blown turbo' back when he won the dispute and received the refund. As a result no refund will be issued because today...
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    Stock to HPA K04 w/E85

    "Dan, you and the dyno operator did not, in those 3 hours send me a SINGLE datalog of any pulls. Me- As stated we tried to contact you but you were no where to be found. The car was having issues, please re-read the first post. You mentioned you did some base pulls, why did you not send me...
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    Stock to HPA K04 w/E85

    1. I did. You deleted it. 2. I posted " E-tuning Live session disaster: Stratified WTF" Next time i'll leave WTF out since it's too much for some. 3. I'm not sure how being honest about an absolute terrible experience with a Tuner is considered bashing. No cursing was used besides 'WTF' in the...
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    Warning: Avoid doing business with this member

    I've been a car enthusiast for over 8 years. During that time I've sold many many parts both OEM and aftermarket to other enthusiasts. I have not had a single problem selling on forums/craigslist/ebay until now. On 09/16/2017 I received a PM from a member on here called A3-Owner about 'used...
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    FS: OEM MK6 GTI Turbo - 150k - $125+Shipping

    Located in Rochester NY *The turbo and manifold does not come with a DV.* Asking $125+Shipping *P/U preferred*
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    FS: Recaro RSG Seats w/ Alcantara/Carbon

    Located in Rochester, NY Pickup preferred but will ship at buyers expense ($$$) Asking $1350. Not interested in any trades at this time, Thanks!
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    Stock to HPA K04 w/E85

    Hi everyone, Picked up my first GTI recently. To make this short it ended up needing a new engine. There is a thread in the maintenance section on everything if anyone would like to find out more. The following is going to be done in addition to the brand new engine. Can't wait to get it...
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    MK6 GTI Severe Oil consumption

    Hi everyone, I recently picked up a 2012 GTI with 150k. I got a good deal and it was fairly I thought. Unfortunately i've found a serious issue not even a week after picking it up. To start the Dealership I picked it up from said they did an oil change a few hundred miles ago but...