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    WTB: Single 5x112 18x8.5 et45 Gunmetal VMR V710 wheel

    As ad states, looking to purchase one (possible 2) VMR V710 wheel with the above listed specs. Busted a wheel and hoping to find a used one before buying new. Thanks!
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    FS: H&R Sport Cup Kit in NJ (BNIB)

    Interest in info as well.
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    FS. Parts from sale.

    I'd be interested if you're willing to ship to Canada depending on price. Postal code is A1B 0B9
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    WTB: Aftermarket GTI intake and LED tails

    My apologies, I'm looking for an aftermarket intake. Updated the title/post, thanks
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    WTB: Aftermarket GTI intake and LED tails

    Looking to purchase an aftermarket intake and a set of LED tails (Depo or OEM preferably) Located in Newfoundland, so would need to be shipped likely. Thanks
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    FS. Parts from sale.

    Did you sell the tails?
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    FS COBB Accessport for Manual Gti.

    Unmarried and working properly? I'm interested if willing to ship
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    2010 GTI value question

    Hey all, So I'm currently driving a 2007 GTI with high mileage on it and I'm looking to upgrade to a MK6. The one I'm looking at is $10 000 CAD ($7281 USD) on the east coast of Canada. It is a 2010 with 138k km (86k miles) and is a 2 door white in excellent shape. It has the following...