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    17" wheels ?!!?!

    ive been trying to decide weather to get 17's or 18's. i feel like since my golf is a daily driven car and i have lots of shitty roads, i would gets 17's. i live in jersey btw. i want wheels that look somewhat bigger then they really are. any suggestions? i dont have any suspension upgrades, so...
  2. J

    wheel/tire size

    i want to get a set of wheels for my golf, i was wondering what is the ration for rim to tire size so that my odometer isnt all screwed up i want to purchase a set of 17's
  3. J

    airbag question

    after calling the dealer and bringing my car in because it said "service airbag" the light came on that stands for malfunction airbag or something. after picking it up today they said that one of the wires was routed wrong or something and now after i started my car the light is on for like a...
  4. J

    weathertech window deflectors

    i just got my weathertech window deflectors yesterday and when i tried to put them on today they didnt fit? these are the ones that are put on without adhesive. i was wondering if anyone else had these problems and if cutting it works? everything fits but the front part right next to the side...
  5. J

    intake question

    i have a 2.5 mk6 with manual trans, pardon my noobness but i was wondering if i could use an intake for a gti on my car, if not are there any aftermarket intakes available now for mk6 golfs?