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    Car fan stays on after shut off

    Hi all, The weather in New York has been nice and 2 days ago was pretty hot (89F). After driving back home from work and parked in the garage, I noticed the fan under the hood was still running after the ignition was shut off. It was on for about 3 minutes until it shuts off by itself. Just...
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    Rain Sensor

    Does GTI come with rain sensor as standard feature? I read the manual and it was referring there is a rain sensor but I don't see the sensor spot behind the rearview mirror.
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    Stock tires

    Hi all, I'm really close to pull the trigger for the MKVI. The only concern that I have is about the tires, I wonder will the stock all season tires hold up for New York winter? Do I need to get a set of winter tires? My past 2 cars are subaru and I have never had any problems with the all...