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  1. J


    Man, why couldn't you live on the West Coast? :unsure:
  2. J

    SOLD: 2DR leather seats front and rear really is all about your perspective right? It always could be worse! :D
  3. J

    SOLD: 2DR leather seats front and rear

    Why couldn't you be closer to Vegas! :mad:
  4. J

    FS: Volk Racing 2pc GT-V 18x8 +40 So Cal - Bronze Burst $800

    Damn, I figured he was just ready to dump them, and that I might be able to swing a hell of a deal. So glad you all brought me back to reality before I waisted a bunch of time.
  5. J

    Moving to Vegas

    Welcome to Las Vegas. I have work on my car, and do all my oil changes. They can do anything from turbos on a Lambo, to 1.8t swaps in an older Golf. They are enthusiasts and Mo the owner is a great guy. I use to be a Dept. Manager for a company who raced exotic cars...