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  1. Ghost001

    Ipad in dash

    I'm sure it was on here but i cant seem to find it, or maybe i'm going MAD. Has anybody built an ipad into the dash to make an awesome car touchscreen computer. If you would would it attach and charge to the stereo via the ipod connector? Ideas cause i'd love to do it as long as i wouldn't mess...
  2. Ghost001

    Caractere rear bumper insert

    Anyone looked at this? its the Caractere rear bumper insert, Golf 6 GTD, 1.4TFSI, 2.0TDI, 2.5L
  3. Ghost001

    Buttons in the Center Console

    Any one done anything like this yet or know where to get buttons like these as i'm kinda a noob when it comes to DIY in my car. (I'm scared of messing it up!) :thumbup: Originally from Quote, originally posted by richbking 1. Go to RadioShack...
  4. Ghost001

    Razor R roof spoiler

    any one know if the Razor R roof spoiler would fit a normal Golf without major modding, cause I know the normal one should only be fitted on the GTI. Cheers
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    True of False Game...

    True Next Poster thinks they are always right!
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    3 Words ONLY

    a picture of
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    The Picture Game

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    Word Association Game

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    True of False Game...

    true The next poster praises the inventor of air con!
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    3 Words ONLY

    while the other
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    The Picture Game

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    Anyone know an exhaust for a 1.4 TSI?

    Hi Guys, I'm wanting to get a new exhaust but been looking round and can't find any company that makes a decent one for a 1.4 TSI. Most Proberly be the back box and pipes. Any help would be awesome.
  13. Ghost001

    Headlight Brows

    Has anybody fitted any headlight brows yet. Was thinking of ordering a pair from this german site. What you think???? One of the whole car
  14. Ghost001

    Problems with demister and condensation!

    Got into my Car this evening and it was saying it was -0.5 on the dash and I had ice on the inside of the windscreen. Ringing VW tommorrow. :paddle: :mad0259:
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    True of False Game...

    True next poster has got a party to go to on news years eve!
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    GTI Upper Front Grille

    Hi Guys and Gals, I'm guessing that the upper front grille of the GTI (one with the emblem) would fit onto a TSI? am i right or wrong? If so anyone have any idea where i could order one from as i like the honeycomb grille. Cheers
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    3 Words ONLY

    know where you
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    It's like ...

    its like snowing outside
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    The Picture Game

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    True of False Game...

    True The Next Poster now has 1,625 posts