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    DV in a 2012

    Hi guys, I'm back I had a 2010 stage 2 ans I sold it last year..I missed it so I'm buying a 2012 full with nav and everything next week. My question is : which DV is in a canadian/US 2012 GTI? I change my 2010's DV because it was a piece of crap but maybe I have the good one in the 2012...
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    Go vote for my Girlfriend ''Star Academie'' (like american idol in Quebec)

    Hi guys, If you have 5 minutes for me please follow this link : You have to click on '' J'AIME '' (the big one close to the picture not the small facebook one). Then they will ask you to copy...
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    need your help. Will cost only 5 minutes of your time.

    Hi guys, We juste have our new baby girl Gabrielle. Everythings is fine except the fact that she doesn't to take her mum's milk...We have a way to get free milk if you want to help us. You only have to go on this web-site : in the pink square '' join today it's...
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    What new car would you want to have that you can't get in your domestic market?

    Peugeot 308 RC Scirocco (R if you can) Golf R (DSG :p ) Audi doesn't have any NEW car that interest me...the A4/S4 becomes bigger and bigger...maybe the next A3 will have the shape of a B5 a4 and will be fine.
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    Golf 6 Military Pers

    Canadian Air Force as a Public affairs officer in bagotville. I began as a Pilot but didn't succeed (But I had a lot of fun in the CF-18 backseat ). Anyway I know it's had to understand but I love more my new career as PAFO. It's really cool to have a foot in the cilian world
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    Ipod adapter to our car

    Hi guys, Some of us don't have the MDI+ipod cable....but I would like to know if a company like Connects2 came out with an adapter to our factory unit. Something that gives us a way to control the Ipod and see the info on the OEM RCD 510.... Thank you.
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    New GLI impressions

    no XENON available.......Fu.k but very nice...needs another exhaust tips on the other side ...
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    NMS is...2012 Passat (US)

    lol are you serious?? Don't you know that in the name "R32" 32 mean 3.2 ??? This passat will not have a 3.5 but a 3.6 as the actual one.
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    What happened to Arin@APR...?

    they should...Arin is an important member which has given some help often...They must have a good reason for banning someone like him....
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    What happened to Arin@APR...?

    is he really banned or do you think he is....why..???
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    hyper silver paint code

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find somewhere a paint code for Hyper Silver. i want to change my VMR 708 color. (The onyx black is scaling without any reason)... It's gonna be Hyper silver or Steel gray (BMW M3 color) My car is candy white but my next one will be blue for sure (R32 HPA or Golf R)...
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    LED strip Golf R like on a GTI does someone did it?

    Hi, I would like to see how a GTI could look like with a Golf R led stripe style but with the fogs too... Does someone have it?
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    Need your help for my brother GLI FSI intermitent loss of power

    Hi, I know it's for a MK5 but I have a mk6 and I really need your help lol :) My brother has a GLI 2008 with 2.0 FSI and have a problem ..An intermitent loss of power... Most of the time, everything is cool and the car is running well ( stage 1 REVO) But sometimes he feels like stock...
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    tasty new 2011 GTI

    nice lol...
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    Fast Europa..will it fit?

    Hi guys, I will maybe buy those wheels :,shop.product_details/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,138/category_id,8/manufacturer_id,0/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,62/ front : 18x8 45 offset Rear : 18x9 45 offset If I don't lower my car (I will not) will it...
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    does someone know this NEO Pro link sounds good no?
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    scirocco hits milestone

    I really hate VW about that...
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    some pics of my CW

    HI, I know that the car is not full clean but I was back from a long road and had some time to kill so : oh and I will paint my wheels Gun Metal (BMW steel gray)
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    Ipod on RCD510 without MDI

    Hi guys, Does a company sell something that I can plug in my RCD 510 to give me the option to listen my Ipod and control it...exactly like the MDI does it? Not yet :( Thank you
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    I would buy a domestic car, but...

    easy : no FORD Focus RS here in Canada or US so I'm not buying domestic lol