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    3rd Brake Light

    Have any of you guys purchased the replacement light bar here at a dealer? I've had moisture in mine for basically the whole time I've owned the car. I asked about this during a service visit many years ago when under warranty and was told that I'd have to get the spoiler cut out to replace...
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    Battery Replacements?

    I'm curious as to whether you guys have replaced your battery yet. I'm nearly at 100K km (5.5 years old) and have noticed the start up isn't as quick. I haven't measured the voltage from it yet, but I suspect it's getting to that time. Any feedback on what you've bought and where?
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    When are you putting on the winters?

    This is my first summer running actual summer tires. I see the temps sit around 7C in the am and pm drives. Wondering at what point you guys are going to switch? There seemed to be a bit more leeway with the all seasons.
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    Would You Buy An S or RS Audi Avant

    I'd buy one of these in a heartbeat. I'm in Canada though. If they put a DSG in the allroad I'd have that. Wife drives a Tiguan R and its awesome. But the transmission is so unbelievably bad, it really makes me want to trad it in. If they sorted that stuff out, I'd be way more excited...
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    Warranty Extension

    Did anyone else get a letter in the mail for extending injector and intake manifold warranty on 2011-2012 2.0TSI engines for 10 years or 193,000km? I got these for both my TSI cars yesterday.
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    Whiteface Mtn?

    I will be taking a road trip up here and I was wondering if anyone knew what the road conditions typically are like? Its been a number of years since I last travelled here, so I can't remember if it was super up and down hilly. Also if anyone has skied the mountain in the last week or two...
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    To you canadians bitching about our "low" US car prices...

    Nope. Well, I don't live in the off topic forum like you cats. Its cool. I'm just not here or on my phone with this. But yeah. We're super pissed up here. I'm not even sure why you guys come at us sideways for no proper reason. We're cool. You guys just love conflict I guess.
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    To you canadians bitching about our "low" US car prices...

    Like Iraq? That's not working out too well. 90% of y'all would be dead this time of year North of the 49th. But could just take them. Actually, you could just ask nicely and we would give them to you.
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    To you canadians bitching about our "low" US car prices...

    The US does not have oil reserves in even the same city as the ballpark Canada is playing in....We'll continue selling it to you though.
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    To you canadians bitching about our "low" US car prices...

    Only if you thank us for all our oil and softwood lumber. It evens out. Oh...and the cheap electricity. You're welcome for that too. Enjoy your power, gas, and sticks for the tornado's to blow down.
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    To you canadians bitching about our "low" US car prices...

    I love how "greatest nation" comments wind up you yanks. The good news is that the monroe doctrine has nothing to do with Canada specifically. I get you like to feel like our big brother. We're totally fine with this FWIW.
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    To you canadians bitching about our "low" US car prices...

    This little back and forth with you guys is a nice highlight of why socialized medicine is working better in Canada. There's no choice. Everyone gets the same thing. There's no selection of plans or what have you. No point of confusion. People can get on with their life and know that the...
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    To you canadians bitching about our "low" US car prices...

    If it wouldn't be the douchiest thing in the world, I could show you my T4 and make you weep. Nothing is "free" edit: all that being said, Canada is the greatest nation on the planet (except for maybe Norway or Sweden).
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    Sounds like APR is Going Down

    This is more seriousser than the iphone 6 launch.
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    LF: Bike Holder

    Looking for any make of bike holder that will go on an OEM rack. Preferably something that keeps the front wheel on, but I'm open to whatever. Thanks Rich
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    OT EPISODE #21: In NEEK We Trust.

    They can't let go...the fucking kite is clipped to a waist band. This is why its ridiculous.
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    OT EPISODE #21: In NEEK We Trust.

    This has to be the dumbest sport around. Hilarious GIFs tho.