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  1. privman

    Mk6 GTI stock downpipe

    Are all mk6 gti stock downpipes the same? Does it matter which engine code you have?
  2. privman

    ISO- Stock 2013 GTI Exhaust

    Needing downpipe & cat back exhaust for gti. I have SPM full exhaust to sell once i get a stock exhaust. Willing to meet reasonably.
  3. privman

    ISO: OEM GTI full exhaust

    I have 2013 GTI looking for stock turbo back exhaust. I have a SPM full exhaust that I'll trade plus cash on your end. Or I'll buy your stock exhaust out right. Let me know
  4. privman

    Miro 111 pro/cons

    I'm looking to get a set of black miro 111 18x8.5 +45. I just wanted to know the pros/cons of them. They look pretty good. I've searched and only found one thread on them. I bumped it. Sent from my iPhone us
  5. privman

    WTB: ko4 apr kit

    Looking for a ko4 kit to pick up within a couple weeks. Rather it be apr & pretty low miles. Looking to get everything to install but the gaskets which I'll order separate. I'd like it to come with the 3 bar as well. lmk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. privman

    Has anyone ever tried....

    Has anyone ever thought about running just one single pipe/hose from an aftermarket intercooler to the turbo? Basically combining a ic hose and pancake pipe? Would this be sufficient at all? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. privman

    Those of you with neuspeed fmic...

    Everything is done but the driver side horn.
  8. privman

    What is this

    What is that little brownish plug. Just found it left unplugged on my car. I've drove 500 miles with it like this. Will it hurt my car?
  9. privman

    Pulls right when braking

    So I just had my clutch replaced and I have some clunk. I'm also having this bad "pull" to the right when I accelerate or brake. It's pretty bad. I'm planning on getting the upgraded subframe bolts to set it pretty much perfect. I seen one other guy on here have this forum but not much info on...
  10. privman

    Subframe clunk (new clutch)

    So I got my clutch installed/replaced about 230 miles ago. Starting to get a real bad clunk noise on the right side of my car. I provided brand new ECS set subframe bolts for the installer. Anyone know what it could be? Do I need to take it somewhere to make sure the bolts are torqed to spec or...
  11. privman

    Wtb: candy white bumper and driver side headlight

    I have a 2013 GTI that has some front end damage. In need of a white front bumper and a driver side headlight.
  12. privman

    SUBFRAME BOLTS!! Clutch replacement

    I've posted in the original clutch replacement thread but no one will respond... if you have done your clutch yourself and dropped the subframe where did you get your subframe bolts... they say there is 14 total but on ecs i can only find a 13 set & a 20 set. I go the 28th this month to get...
  13. privman

    SB stage 2 daily. Looking for new clutch

    I'm ready to pull the trigger on a new clutch this week. Finally decided to go with sb stage 2 daily. I've looked but can't find any promo codes or anything. Where would be the cheapest place to order from? If anyone could point me in right direction I'd appreciate it.
  14. privman

    SPM exhaust help...

    So i bought a used spm cat back yesterday i mated it with my spm downpipe.... my problem is that the rear pipes dont sit evenly at the rear.... one is noticably lower and off centered than the other... any help is appreciated!
  15. privman

    WTB Spm j pipe

    Looking to get a spm j pipe non res with a v band clamp
  16. privman

    WTB: Stock DP to CB clamp

    I'm in need of the clamp that connects the stock downpipe to the stock catback... its about 4-5 inches long and have two bolts with it... anyone willing to part this out?
  17. privman

    WTB: SPM Downpipe reducer

    I'm in need of a SPM reducer that connects the downpipe to the catback. Shipped to 40324
  18. privman

    SPM Exhaust guys.....

    I've been looking on youtube for a little bit now and cant find what im looking for... I currently have catless spm downpipe & 3in straight pipe the rest of the way to tail end. I'm looking for someone that has an exhaust clip or experience with the following... Track (Catless) SPM...
  19. privman

    WTB: stage 2 clutch (pressure plate & disk)

    OEM clutch has started slipping so I'm in search of a new clutch. I'd prefer a stage 2 clutch that I can daily and also use at track. Send me what you got! Thanks