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    WTB: OEM Downpipe & Test Pipe CBFA

    Need an OEM down pipe and test pipe to pass smog. Cash in hand! I'm located in Bay Area, Ca but am willing to go the distance to pick it up! CBFA (3 sensor ports) please. Need ASAP!
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    FS: Stage II GTI. Tastefully Modified.

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    June 11th 2016: Canepa Motorsports Cars & Coffee

    Any Bay Area guys going? I've been a few times. It's an amazing collection of Bruce Canepa's cars, and a great place to hang with other enthusiasts. Walking through the shop is pretty cool too. Date: June 11th Location: Canepa HQ 4900 Scotts Valley Rd. Scotts Valley, CA
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    Bay Area shop for DSG filter/fluid change & Tensioner replacement?

    Coming up on 100,000 miles, any one know of some reputable shops in the Bay Area to perform a DSG flush/filter replacement, as well as a timing tensioner replacement? I figure the dealership will run me over $1,000. Thanks in advance.
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    Nearing 100,000...preemptive timing belt change?

    Nearing 100,000 miles on my daily mk6 GTI and no sign of any issues with anything really which is great. But I am thinking of getting my timing belt changed before I hit that magical 6 figure #. Has anyone had their timing belt changed, and if so, from where? Any details/experiences are...
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    WTB: Roof Rack w/ bike mount

    Looking for pre-owned roof racks for the MK6 GTI in decent shape. -Preferably with hardware for a mountain bike attachment. -Cash in hand, name your price/pics. -Local to the bay area would be nice. Thanks.
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    FS: Nissan 240SX Coupe w/ BUILT RB25.

    Originally purchased in January 2013 from a Zilvia member who was very honest and up front about everything. I genuinely appreciated that so I am doing the same. Please PM me any questions/requests for pictures/videos and I will gladly help you out. Enjoy! The Car: 1989 Nissan 240sx Coupe...
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    FS: Complete OEM Intake

    What you see is what you get. Reply to craigslist ad or PM me here!
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    FS: 2011 VW GTI. Tasteful mods

    The Car: -2011 VW GTI -270+HP/300Ft/lb TQ* (see mods below) -Carbon Steel Grey Color -2 door, 5 passenger hatchback -6 Speed DSG W/paddles. (Auto) -80,xxx Miles (all highway) -NEW Continental Extreme Contact tires (2/28/14). 98% tread left. -80,000 mile service done by Santa Monica VW...
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    2011 Full Speaker System (OEM)

    Had a new speaker system installed last year and need to sell my old speakers for some holiday cash. They were very lightly used. Out of a 2DR 2011 GTI. These things were loud and still are! -4 co-axials (2 front 2 rear) -2 door tweeters are included. -Tons of extra speaker cable and wiring...
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    1974 VW 360 Degree Camping Trailer! prepare to be amazed.
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    Danner Stumptown Boots

    Brand: Danner Size: 9EE $340 MSRP Asking Price: $150 Some sick boots that I originally bought for my friend, didn't fit. Boots are brand new, still have box. Made in USA by hand. I have some other styles but most are size 9. Hit me up if you wanna' look fresh!
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    FS: QTP Electronic Exhaust Dump

    Had this before my GTI and planned to install it on a different car but never got around to it. Brand new still in box.
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    Driving addiction (low mile junkies not welcome)

    I drove 38,000+ last year for work. I love making runs from los angeles up highway 99 and take random farm roads and cruise nicely, people look like at me like I am from space haha
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    nice day + wash + wax = pics!

    Was a nice day out today in LA so I washed the whip and threw on a coat of wax! Couple pics below to enjoy.
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    Bugatti 16C Galibier set for production!

    Correct. :clap: Still think it's a pretty sweet engine though!
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    Bugatti 16C Galibier set for production!

    I would assume because it has 4 turbo's :eek:
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    Any dubbers want to meet up tonight? (Saturday 3/26?) Greater Los Angeles Area

    hey dudes/chicks, Seeing as there are a few meets during Saturday morning/afternoons that I always miss, and it seems some others do too...anyone in the greater LA area want to get a few dubbers and meet up/hang/photoshoot and what not? Just putting the feelers out, I am down to drive some...