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    OT #26 : Trapped in a glass case of emotion

    I've driven through some of these dirt poor eastern KY areas, and I see they have their priorities in order... They may have a shack that barely is standing, but they have a Superduty F350, Two Boats, a muscle car of the 60s, and a couple of quads in their yard. Now the debt might be piling...
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    OT #26 : Trapped in a glass case of emotion

    :iono: ummm, Hello?
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    OT #26 : Trapped in a glass case of emotion

    blue collar hard working jobs pay well. They are everywhere in the Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia area. Hell a miner can bring home an easy grand a week... A trucker can bring home almost double (but you ain't home but four days a month)
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    OT #26 : Trapped in a glass case of emotion

    I'm not one that anyone takes seriously, but let me tell you, I've been in a position where I wasn't making any money... I tried the US Navy, got discharged for a quick ticker (my cardiologist says is normal for my history). Almost didn't get my job back at centurylink. Figured I needed to...
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    TapaTalk App sucks all day long

    problemo numero uno... you have a fuggin iPhone
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    POLE - Would you tongue punch her fart box?

    Exit hole is exit only
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    lights... question on a set

    anyone ever see these or have experience with these? looks like projectors for both high and low separate and a turn signal between...
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    POLE - Measles and vaccinations - read thread for pole.

    Well, if your dog runs out of your yard to bite someone then yes, yes it is your fault. If your kid vandalizes a neighbors house, you are still responsible, so in a sense you are also responsible for your kid contaminating an entire school as well. Communism has nothing to do with it...
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    POLE - Measles and vaccinations - read thread for pole.

    When I was in boot camp, before being medically discharged, I was a pin cushion too. However, this was for more reasons than getting vaccinated. I had every blood test known to the military done to find out if my ticker was good or not. They couldn't find anything wrong, but with my younger...
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    Message to the photoshop Gods of the forum

    Could any of you help me with the following? I'd like to see if one of you out there could photoshop my golf with this theme, white walls and all, and maybe some low? Thanks in advance. Steve
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    OT #25 : FAKE Off Topic

    why is it everytime family heads in to town for Christmas, I get sick!? Anyone else have that one family member that seems to bring any illness with them to spread and doesn't wash or sanitize their hands like they should?
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    LED Conversion Kit? its pricey right now, but might be something to look at in a couple years when the tech makes it easier and cheaper to produce. I'm seeing a lot of new models coming with LED factory lighting for the Low Beam and Fog lights now, along...
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    1962 Chevy II

    Those are 7" headlights, right? Should drop a few hundred on these slick ass LED lights! I've been seeing them on OTR trucks lately and they light up the road better than HID! I am going to be getting a set for my 78 Volvo 242...
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    since kyjellygti guy isn't on the pole...I should vote for dwgolf
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    Micheal Schumacher update thread

    Maybe the Stig is building up energy for an epic race?
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    Honda hipster "Fit Kit" ad - well done

    now if VW offered a build your own MK7 kit for half the price of buying a fully built one off the dealer lot (you know since no labour, shipping, and sales price hike) I might get one of them... but why a Honda Fit?
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    Top Gear UK Returns Today in the USA

    so, get rid of cable because of commercials, then up your internet speed to 100mb/s? So what you are saying is turn my $125/mo cable and internet bill into a $200/mo internet only bill? Brilliant! Think I might just do this! :lol:
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    And the Douche Nozzle woke up! Everybody, Hide yo Kids and Hide yo Wife!
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    Well, if he takes it to the street, hopefully he, or the douche nozzle who pm'd him, doesn't blow a tire and loses control, jumps the median, and kills a little girl's parents and leaves her paralyzed.