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  1. Bino

    General APR Discussion.

    They have been for me. I have a question I pm on here or call. I always had a reply.
  2. Bino

    General APR Discussion.

    What great information. The members are always so helpful. :paddle:
  3. Bino

    General APR Discussion.

    Im glad you do.
  4. Bino

    General APR Discussion.

    So much hate for APR. I guess haters are going to hate. For me I like everything they make. My car is fully APR and I have put up the best numbers around. Won dyno shoot-outs as well. Not one issue whats so ever. 70k on the clock. Thanks APR for everything.
  5. Bino

    Looking into buying a new truck...

    Chevy High Country with the 6.2 with 3.73
  6. Bino

    m4 Dukes of Hazzard

    Lives up to the stereotype. :dnftt:
  7. Bino

    If you are debating on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Yes campaign is very well made. Online play is not. I was so disappointed when I played online. Also if you like zombies its another $50 to download and play that. For me I dont like it. I wish I never picked it up.
  8. Bino

    It's time to move on, closing my account

    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves :D
  9. Bino

    Watch Dogs

    COD zombies will forever rock. As far for online play I never liked it.
  10. Bino

    OT EPISODE #21: In NEEK We Trust.

  11. Bino

    So do none of us care about MPG anymore?

    +1 I just picked up a 2014 Silverado High Country with the 6.2L. :wub:
  12. Bino

    Possible new K04 file from APR??? V5??

    No just remembering a GLI on the dyno with a bad fitting. They had to close the hood because of the oil leak. K04 self install. Good times. I was on the beta back then.
  13. Bino

    Possible new K04 file from APR??? V5??

    Oil leaking everywhere also. Remember that?
  14. Bino

    Possible new K04 file from APR??? V5??

    30k running a beta file that had a lot of low end TQ. Others have been running it a lot longer then me.
  15. Bino

    Possible new K04 file from APR??? V5??

    Most of us have been running some surge for years and not one reported failure as of yet. Give me some flutter. In4flutter.
  16. Bino

    Possible new K04 file from APR??? V5??

    Yes you can. I'll take that bet.
  17. Bino

    Possible new K04 file from APR??? V5??

    We will wait and see.
  18. Bino

    Jeremy Clarkson... and other bell ends: Discussion Forum

    According to him all Americans are fat. I guess he has not looked in a mirror lately. People need to relax and enjoy life more. It's way too short.
  19. Bino

    Mountain bike thread

    I keep my bike on the roof rack. To many stupid drivers down here in South Florida. I can't afford to get rear ended and lose my bike.