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  1. s84panchal

    Looking for 17" Denver wheels

    As the title states, looking for Denvers if anyone has set to sell. Give me a shout. Thanks !
  2. s84panchal

    OSIR carbon side skirts

    Hey guys got some brand new side skirts that have been laying around. I dont know why but OSIR increased the price on these but anyway I am selling them for what I paid. I also have the rear diffuser that has been mounted on the car (pic below) and is still in great condition if anyone is...
  3. s84panchal

    OEM rear bumper protection plate

    I purchased this from Maple VW on 4/21/15 (receipt available) to cover up a scratch on my bumper. I ended up getting the bumper fixed so I dont need it anymore. Still in original packaging. Haven't test fitted it. Leave me a PM or text (4167107043) I'll shoot over some pics quick. I paid...
  4. s84panchal

    WTB: Thule rack

    looking for a thule rack. If anyones interested in selling theirs give me a shout thanks :D
  5. s84panchal

    paint chips and scratches

    Hey guys What do you recommend would be the best solution to repair paint chips? I nicked my rear bumper pretty bad while putting my bike in my trunk i really dont wanna use a touch up pen and reaaaally dont want to spend $400 to get my whole bumper repainted. Can anyone suggest a good paint or...
  6. s84panchal

    osir mirrors

    hey guys anyone have the OSIR CF mirrors installed ?... i'm very interested in buying these i wanna see them installed on a CW preferably