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  1. silverstone007

    WTB GTI 18 in. Austin wheels

    send me a message if you have these for sale , I am located in Quebec but can travel 1-2 hours if the price is right !
  2. silverstone007


    Hi , today I installed a Unitronic air intake on my 2012 GTi , I find the air filter hold-down/guide plate design looks unfinished & could be improved upon , I plan on improving this part but before I do ...I was wondering if anyone here as modified theirs ? I searched but did not find any post...
  3. silverstone007


    looking for rear trunk brace , would prefer something in this style : let me see what you got !
  4. silverstone007


    WTB UNITRONIC COLD AIR INTAKE I have a 2012 GTI & I'm looking for tyrol sport front caliper bushing kit & Unitronic cold air intake .
  5. silverstone007


    Thinking of getting this : Has anyone here installed this kit on their GTI & how would you rate it ?
  6. silverstone007


    I want to know where is the best place to buy a rear trunk lip spoiler , I am looking for something small to add to the OEM trunk window spoiler ...see pictures
  7. silverstone007

    Headlamp switch

    I am thinking of ordering this switch ,so can someone tell me if this would be the right headlamp switch to be able to turn on the front fogs & parking lights without turning on the headlights on my 2012 GTI ? ...
  8. silverstone007

    Is my GTI really a 2012 ?

    I noticed a build date 09/12 stamped on my 2012 GTI & the date of delivery to the dealer is 02/13 sold 09/13 . I find this odd that it's a 2012 model , is this normal ? I tought when the car is built after the 6th month of the year it would be sold as the following year model ?
  9. silverstone007


    Hi , I was wondering why I don't see many people installing this VWR intake on their MK6 ? : seems like a good option to me ... does anybody here have one ? I would like some feedback if so , Thanks'.
  10. silverstone007


    Hi all ! I was looking for a front lip/splitter to put under the front bumper of my 2012 GTI , I found a few I liked but the prices seemed a little to high for my budget so I decided to try & make it myself ... I had a piece of plexi-glass from an old sign that I used for my project , first I...
  11. silverstone007

    HELP with Lower lip / spoiler

    can someone tell me where I could buy this kind of lip ?
  12. silverstone007


    I really enjoy my MK6 GTI , but I sometimes wonder what will replace my GTI when I get tired of it ? I work for a car dealership ( not VW ) but we sell a lot of High end used cars like Audi - BMW- Mercedes-Lexus-Porsche ... So temptation to change is there all the time... I wonder should I...
  13. silverstone007

    headlight switch ?

    I often read about people replacing their oem headlight switch for a euro-headlight switch .... What is the difference ? & my 2012 GTI is at 50,000 km do I need to replace the DSG trans. fluid ? thank's to anyone who can help me out !
  14. silverstone007


    I was wondering if anyone as put the MK7GTI rear hatch window trims on their MK6 GTI ,does any else than the VW dealers sell those pieces ? I have read that it helps with gas mileage ? & since my car is black I was thinking of getting a set if it's not too expensive .
  15. silverstone007


    Hi ! when I sold my Honda S2000 last spring I had no idea what to get until I tried a friends 2008 GTI w/DSG now I am searching for one of my own I want to get my hands on a 2012 5dr w/DSG & cloth seats , must have clean carfax ( no accidents ) under 50000km & close to stock condition ...
  16. silverstone007

    Need Help Please

    Can anyone tell me the best place to buy a Golf R Front Bumper ? also would like to know where to get a set of the LED tail lights ? Thank's !
  17. silverstone007

    Golf R rear bumper swap ?

    Can someone tell me if it's possible to swap a 2012 Golf R bumper & exhaust to a 2011 GTI , if the answer is yes where is the best place to buy a replica bumper ? I am guessing I could find a used muffler on this forum ...