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    FS: MK6 VW GTI Parts (LED Taillights, wrapped steering wheel, exhaust)

    For sale are the following parts off a 2011 Volkswagen GTI: Replica LED taillights (Ed's): $200 Leather-wrapped steering wheel with an OEM-like thicker leather stitched-wrap around that + DSG paddle extensions: swap for a stock steering wheel + $50. Stock exhaust: $60 Monster Mats: $40 Stock...
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    WTB Serron Wheels (Vancouver)

    Cleaner is better. No need for tires unless DWS06 or Pilot Sport AS/3. Thanks :)
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    ST Coilovers

    Used nearly 60k EDIT: never mind, got confused. Used around 40K? About 2 years. Don't take my word for it but it's definitely less than 60K They work still. Probably noisy... You might want to look at them. $300 OBO Located in Vancouver
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    Magnaflow Catback

    Used 80k km Tips need a good scrubbing. $300 OBO In Vancouver
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    FS: (Lower Mainland) CTS Catless Downpipe

    About 30k KM on it? 3" It's welded onto my catback, will need to cut it and get it sorted. Looking for $250. Honestly don't really care, just throw me an offer. Located in Vancouver
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    LF CSG Front Lip

    Prefer OEM, lemme know what you got!
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    From REVO to Unitronic -> WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

    Hey guys, So you may have seen me complaining here about my DSG shifting oddly or random misfires and the P0088 codes and other nonsense that perpetually plagues my GTI, which if not for its worthlessness in the market after being crashed into and having a $5k insurance claim I would definitely...
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    Buying downpipe/anything else for MK6 GTI

    Wanting to go Stage 2, anybody have a downpipe they could sell me? Located in Vancouver, preferred High Flow Cat Also looking to buy basically anything interesting in terms of mods (really want a Golf R front bumper, CSG) or interior/cosmetic things. I'm bored lol.
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    DSG clunks when shifting from P to D or N to D to N, Launch control limited

    So my DSG likes to make a clunking noise (that you can feel) upon shifting from P to D, D to N or N to D (also probably D to P). It also happens to jerk while upshifting while stage 1 (doesn't do this while stock) like a manual car sort of feeling. What is wrong with my precious DSG.... I...
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    DSG slipping?

    Hey so I've had Revo stage 1 for a while now, and this problem only occurs while on a tuned map. Basically, when upshifting at 3-4k rpm into third primarily, the car would jerk (feel like slipping), doesn't happen in high rpms (lower torque) and mostly in manual mode. Also, I noticed that all...
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    Help! Car jerks + power cuts occassionally

    Hey, So in my 2011 GTI with 80k kms, I've been noticing some odd behavior recently. Yesterday, while at a stoplight, the car refused to go upon pressing the gas for about 1s, there was no revving, nothing. Then it kicked into gear and went. Today, in first gear, the power cut temporarily (rev...
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    ST Coilovers + Solowerks Coilovers

    I'm done with coilover noise lol. ST for sale (been driven ~25k KM), Solowerks S1 about 50k KM. Front passenger side of ST is leaky (trying to get it warrantied), no leaks as far as I can tell on the Solowerks. Vancouver pickup -> I'm going springs and struts. $500 for ST, $180 for Solowerks.
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    FS: Solowerks S1 Coilovers

    Selling a set of Solowerks S1 Coilovers, they have about 30,000KM on them (2 years old). They go low, but did not ride smoothly at all at such a height. Some rattle but that may have been my broken endlink when I had it installed. But I'm sure they rattle. Essentially, they're not that great...
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    Specified Boost vs Actual Boost

    Hi all, I plugged in VAGCOM today and logged my boost levels. Specified boost is 300 at idle, while actual boost is 1000 (atmospheric) But as the specified boost rises to let's say 1200, the actual boost reading may only go to 1150 or 1100, which is 100millibars above atmospheric? So...
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    VAGCOM Engine Torque on Stage 1

    Hi guys, So I did a diagnostic test drive today. And found that despite being REVO Stage 1, my torque peaks at around 217lbft (or 295nm ONCE) I also found a P0088 Fuel Rail Pressure too low error, which I promptly cleared. This is sort of concerning Logs...
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    DSG Jerking on upshifts

    Hi all, So I got a REVO Stage 1 tune about a week ago, the first day, everything was great: it was fast, responsive. Massive improvement. Noticed a few misfires though. Then from the second day onwards, shit starting going wrong: misfires got worse, and gradually an issue developed with the...
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    Paddle Shifter Extensions

    Black with silver trim paddle shifter extensions bought off of eBay 40 shipped!
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    WTB High flow downpipe

    Hey guys, Looking to go Stage 2 (from stock), will require a downpipe. Anything high flow works, preferably non-resonated. Located in Vancouver
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    Fitment 18x9.5 et42

    Hey guys, so I'm looking to order new wheels; I'm currently running 18x9.5 et50 in the rear on 225 Michelin AS3 tires with no rubbing to speak of. However, my new wheels only come in et42 on 9.5" width. Will these 8mm be a major issue? I'm lowered 24.5ftg but can raise if need be. Would like...
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    LF: CF Valence, Quad exhaust tips, CF Spoiler, Lip

    Wanted to try the classifieds before I shell out hard cash and wait like a month or two for new parts. Looking for a CF or gloss black rear valence if I can find one that fits, a quad exhaust setup CF rear spoiler and front lip (OEM preferred, but will consider anything) Located in Vancouver...