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  1. Bugsy_Malone 666

    Heated seat delay?

    Well I'm not suggesting it takes a bit longer, I'm suggesting it takes alot longer! So when you turn the electric seats on they are on maximum power, I'd expect that if I am defrosting the car and running it for 5 mins that it wouldnt be freezing cold. The Jeep I had I'd start it up, turn on the...
  2. Bugsy_Malone 666

    Front lighting/ Fog Lights issues

    are there any Fault codes coming up in VCDS? I know with the Transporters they have lighting issues due to faults with the body control module. Long gone are the days of a dodgy wire causing things to stay on. I would have thought the steering angle sensor would be the trigger, but the body...
  3. Bugsy_Malone 666

    Halogen to Xenon headlights not working

    Pretty sure with headlight changes you also need to code them in on VAGcom as the newer vehicles have also sorts of load sensing on the circuits, I know its certainly true with LED, but I think probably the HIDs need coding in to the CCM.
  4. Bugsy_Malone 666

    Heated seat delay?

    So I have a leather interior and heated seats, but compared to the Jeep I had recently it seems to take a while for them to warm up. So if I have Ice on the car in the morning, start it up, turn everything on including the seats and within the time it takes me to scrape the windows, I would have...
  5. Bugsy_Malone 666

    Mk6 vs mk7 golf chassis - towbar

    Well I was thinking yes a cabriolet is never going to have the towing capacity of a normal mk6 (although I haven't checked) I though exactly how could the wiring kit be any different other than maybe an extra couple of feet of wiring as the body is longer. Mainly though wiring isn't the issue...
  6. Bugsy_Malone 666

    18x9 ET52 - It touchs the suspension, so whats the max?

    So today 35mm wheel bolts and 5mm thick cheap hub spacers arrived, fitted everything took for a drive round the block but wasn't happy how loud the tyres were, I also wasn't 100% happy how the wheels fit. The fit is 'ok' but even with a 225/40 stretched on its tight and I'm still mystified...
  7. Bugsy_Malone 666

    Mk6 vs mk7 golf chassis - towbar

    I guess I should take in to account in the states you call it a trailer hitch. Factory westfalia hitch for towing.
  8. Bugsy_Malone 666

    Mk6 vs mk7 golf chassis - towbar

    I understand the platforms are different between the 2 and it seems that there are towbars for each, but I wondered if anyone knew what the difference in fitment is? I bought a mk7 towbar (no electrics, but a westfalia detachable) about a year ago (when I had a mk7) for towing a car trailer to...
  9. Bugsy_Malone 666

    18x9 ET52 - It touchs the suspension, so whats the max?

    The ones in the picture I have no idea, the ones I have are 18x9, I can't find Amy reference to narrower ones which is why I'm confused how they have got it to fit. My18x9s I had 225/40 on them and seems to work just (although we had issues trying to fit them) had a pair of 3mm and 5mm spacers...
  10. Bugsy_Malone 666

    18x9 ET52 - It touchs the suspension, so whats the max?

    Thing is I am sure when I was looking at them yesterday they were already running slight poke/maybe flush, thats before I started. I guess I'm going to have a look at what spacers I have knocking about, cant remember if they are 3 or 5mm ones. Think I do have some longer ones, just not the...
  11. Bugsy_Malone 666

    18x9 ET52 - It touchs the suspension, so whats the max?

    Ok so in 2009 I got my first mk6, 1.6tdi super slow, but my first new car, kept it for 6 years before letting the wife trade it in, have since been running all sorts of wheels on all sorts of vws. At the time I ran replica Monza 18x7.5 et45, fitted sweet in a factory sort of way. Anyway I have...
  12. Bugsy_Malone 666

    Differences between TDi and TSi car shells/wiring?

    So I was thinking about doing an engine conversion on a Mk6, using an engine from a mk4/5 and I was looking at Donor vehicles that might do the job, but it seems in the UK Diesel were the more popular choice of engine during the Mk6 era, or at least they have been work horses, high mileage but...
  13. Bugsy_Malone 666

    Alternator Belt Tensioners?

    Ok I have a 1.6Tdi, not something that probably alot of people have on here, but I am trying to find out what belt tensioners you can get on various models. Basically I went to change my alternator belt the other day and all I could find was sprung loaded belt tensioners of varying designs...
  14. Bugsy_Malone 666

    Mk6 90PS 1.6TDi - Service year 3?

    ok my TDi golf is coming up to 3 years old, for the past week or so its been pinging for a service and when I went to vw and saw how much they wanted to bend me over for service this time I thought hell I can do it my self! Basically what I objected to was the fact that the full 3rd year service...
  15. Bugsy_Malone 666

    Workshop manuals for mk6 golf?

    Can you get them yet? I have a 1.6tdi and I have been trying to track down a workshop manual so Ican start working on the car post warrenty and several manual makers have said they have no plans for a mk6 golf one! Anybody got any advice?
  16. Bugsy_Malone 666

    Gearbox oil?

    Ok the cars now 3 years old(1.6TDI) vw recommend I should change the gearbox oil after 3 years but want a nice little sum of £164 to so. However changing the gearbox oil is a piece of cake and its something I can do in half an hour on a weekend. So I phoned up one of my local vw/audi parts...
  17. Bugsy_Malone 666

    1.6tdi tuning?

    now the 1.6tdi has been out for 3 years, I was wondering if there are any UK companies who can actually remap the ECU's yet, I know having spoken to a few people its locked down pretty well and they havent managed yet!
  18. Bugsy_Malone 666

    1.6TDi (not bluemotion) Exhaust light on!

    OK so both me and my dad bought new cars a couple of years ago, my dad has a seat ibiza ecomotive 1.4tdi which is basically the polo bluemotion and does 80 to the gallon, I have a 1.6tdi 'S' golf. Tail end of last year my dad had an exhaust emissions light come on and when it went in for service...
  19. Bugsy_Malone 666

    Central Locking While the engines running?

    Ok so its got to that time of year where here in the uk we are starting to see frosts and cold weather, having owned a mk3 golf for 5 years now it has seen plenty of the bad winter weather and frosty mornings, which were relatively easy to deal with. I had 2 keys for it, could start the golf up...
  20. Bugsy_Malone 666

    What type of paint is the mk6 painted with?

    Ok so I have damaged my mk6 :( a sill scratch, along with a slight sill dent, now I need to repair it. I was going to take it to VW until I got a quote from them for £445 and they reckon they need the car for 2-3 days, I think its about 2 hours work myself! So havent got any other quotes yet...