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  1. Peezza

    Fs. Usp motorsports hid kit

    Usp motorsports hid kit 4300k for both h7 ( headlight), h8 (fog light). I used it for 3 days on my new headlights and I am back to halogen to sell my car. These are $217 shipped new from usp. I'm selling for $160 shipped for both or $150 picked up in San Francisco. Of course I can sell them...
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    Fs. Clear side marker

    Clear side marker from ECS tuning. Used for 1 year. Good fitment. It comes with led bulb. $20 picked up in San Francisco or $25 shipped.
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  4. Peezza

    FS. Clear side marker

    I'm parting out my car. This is clear side marker from ECS tuning. It fits well and it's in good condition. It also comes with led bulb. The free halogen bulb that I got from ECS tuning died in couple days lol. Asking $45 shipped. PM me
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    Fs. Apr carbonio intake stg1

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    FS. Depo LED headlights

    I'm parting out car. I bought these headlights last week and it was on my car for couple days. It's literally plug n play, no coding unlike ed's reps. I don't have installation guide paper that came with but there are plenty of DIY on YouTube and on this forum. More info & pictures can be...
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    Spyder led headlights

    Sold Sold
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    Morimoto 3five h7 4300k

    I have a pair of h7 bulbs for sale. $25 shipped. PM me.
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    Slammed Tiguan

    Is there lifted Tiguan?
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    Is there gonna be pc version for sure?
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    Max's E46 M3 quest...

    What happened to golf r and mini cooper s? Haha Good luck on deal
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    Getting surgery in 2 weeks, joy joy

    My dad had his kidney stone removed several years ago. I don't recall exactly but didn't sound like it was that complicated surgery for him. Anyway, removed stones were found cancerous. He got quiet A LOT of money from insurance.
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    Next Gen Mustang

    Those headlights look like Asian eyes hahaha I'm Asian so it's not offensive.
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    Netflix Documentary Thread

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    Lost oem wheel lock key

    When I put new wheels on last year, the shop must have forgotten to put the key back. Now, after little accident, my wheel needs to come off at the shop and i don't have the key. Where can I get the key that matches my wheel lock? Dealership? Can I borrow from friend's mk6 gti? Thanks
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    Jon Olsson's New Rebellion R2K

    It says TDI on spoiler
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    Stalker advice/ prevention

    She's good