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  1. Edmundo

    OEM Front grille

    Used OEM part with emblem. $25 -pickup only
  2. Edmundo

    FS: MK6 GTi front grille

    Used OEM part with emblem. $25 -pickup only
  3. Edmundo

    Carbon fiber emblems

    Purchased carbon fiber-look front and rear emblems from this provider through eBay. Perfect fit, looks great
  4. Edmundo

    Forge Motorsport Super Low Coilovers

    Anyone have this kit? Reviews?
  5. Edmundo

    Upholstery shop in Phoenix

    Any recommended VW upholstery shop in Phoenix?
  6. Edmundo

    Colored face gauges

    Is there any company making colored face gauges for the MK6 GTi?
  7. Edmundo

    Steering shaking at high speed

    Take a look at this diagnostic chart
  8. Edmundo

    Credit Card Skimmers Found at Gas Stations.

    Do not enter your PIN at the pumps
  9. Edmundo

    Low riders

    Take a look at these cars, lowered on special order coilovers.