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  1. GibbyGTI

    Enkei Wheels, Hankook RS3, Stock Intake, Stock suspension, Oil pan

    Located in Hamilton. Selling as follows, open to reasonable offers: Enkei Tuning Kojin 17x8 wrapped in Hankook RS-3s 225/45/17, some minor chunking but it has a bit of life left. Bought new 3 years ago. Scratches/blemishes shown on 2 wheels, other 2 are in excellent shape. Comes with conical...
  2. GibbyGTI


    $5500 SOLD 125,000 kms, car is in great shape besides the fact the engine is pooched. 2 door manual, cloth interior, transmission and clutch are smooth. Would make a good engine swap project car/car to flip. Any questions feel free to ask! Mod list: Unitronic Stage 1+ Unitronic Intake DG...
  3. GibbyGTI

    Metal Shavings In Oil Pan

    Driving along ~30 km/h, get a warning on the MFD, "low oil pressure, engine off!" I immediately turn the engine off, and tow it home. Check the oil, full. Look for leaks, none. Did an oil pressure test, reads about 40 psi at idle. Drove it about 100 metres, let it warm up fully, and all normal...
  4. GibbyGTI

    Alarm going off for no reason/trunk wont open.

    Alarm going off for no reason/trunk wont open. *POSSIBLY SOLVED* SOLUTION I've been having this lingering electrical gremlin. Basically what happens is that the alarm will go off in the middle of the night. During this time, I can try and open the trunk. The latch will release partially, the...
  5. GibbyGTI

    WTB Enkei RPF1

    Looking for a set of genuine Enkei RPF1 preferably withOUT tires, but can negotiate. Size must be 17x7.5 with a 5x112 bolt pattern. Hamilton/GTA area.
  6. GibbyGTI

    H&R Rear Sway Bar

    Selling a mk6 gti H&R 2-way adjustable rear sway bar. Bought it a few years ago, took it off after a couple days (didn't like the oversteer) and its been in my garage collecting dust since. It's been kept in it's original shipping wrap and is in perfect condition. Comes with rubber bushings...
  7. GibbyGTI

    Surging idle ONLY after hitting gas

    Hey guys. I know there are a lot of topics on this, but I can't seem to find one identical to my problem. Just looking for some advice before I bring it to a shop. So i have a typical surging idle in neutral, difference being it ONLY does it after coasting to a stop in neutral, or if i tap the...